Sunday. Last night I made plans with my oldest son. We were going to watch a movie when my youngest kids were sleeping. At about 9.45pm I asked him if he wanted to watch the movie or not. He replied: “Yes, wait for me a couple of minutes”.
So I went to my bed to wait. After a while I sent him a text message. I didn’t feel like getting up or shouting because all the other kids were sleeping. He never replied to my message and I fell asleep.
He was playing video games and a couple of times he woke me. I refused to open my eyes and check the time because I didn’t want to ruin my sleep, but the third time he did it, I had to know what time it was: 5.05am.
I got furious but I knew that if I got up, I would not fall asleep again. So I sent another message saying: “You have one minute to quit”.
I didn’t even check if he read the message or not. I turned on my laptop, went to the modem settings and decided to block the internet connection on his computer. I closed the laptop and went back to sleep.
This morning at 9.20am I went to his bedroom and said: “We are having breakfast in 15 minutes”.
He could barely open his eyes but he could see that he better got up when I asked him to.

So today, for the first time in who knows how long, he’s in the living room with the rest of us, watching a movie. He knows he f#$ked up.
He knows how much he has to do to piss me off. I believe he just realized he did it.
I warned him many times what would happen if he kept playing his video games for so long. He probably thought I was kidding. Guess what? I wasn’t.

Why is it that they always try? I don’t want to generalize and say “all men” are like that, but really, is it SO HARD to understand that there are limits and that people get tired of waiting?

I really don’t like reaching the point of not return, but enough is enough, right?


~ by DotedOn on November 6, 2016.

9 Responses to “803”

  1. I think more than being male and probably addicted to video games—he’s a teenager and you have 5 bouts of “teenager-ism” to get through, Paola. But him knowing he fucked up and hopefully learning from that (at least for now), that’s what matters ultimately, I think πŸ™‚

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    • He reminds me SO much of my ex… Maybe that’s the problem.
      I truly hope he learned πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I have 15 more years of this torture! I’ll never sleep again! πŸ™‚


  2. I think you did the right thing. How old is he? video games are not good long term for the brain. too much stimulation! xx

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  3. I let my son stay up late to play video games and he’s usually pretty good about getting to bed by 1 or so. Of course his father is a night owl so he’s there to supervise. I think your son getting such little sleep is it’s own punishment.

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