Monday. Each family is a world. They all function in a different way.
I remember a few years ago my ex telling me that he used to go out with his dad and get ice-cream in a very secret way so his mother couldn’t find out.
In the beginning I though it was a nice kind of bonding but after a few years, I understood the real problem. His mother was jealous of them sharing something and she would throw a very nasty tantrum if she found out. You had to see it to believe it.

Some years ago, we went to an amusement park together with my ex’s parents and his aunt. At one point my ex asked me if I could go with the kids and his mother and aunt somewhere because he wanted to have a talk with his dad. That was a common thing, they “needed” to talk alone very often but they never wanted my ex’s mother in law to know. So my job was to take her away without her knowing why. You probably read several posts where I wrote about her listening behind doors or when she used to call and interrogate me and after talking to me, she asked to talk to my ex and asked him EXACTLY the same things she asked me to see if I was lying… And sometimes, she asked to talk to my kids also, so she could triple check if what I said was true.

Anyway, that day at the amusement park we decided to go to one of those attractions that are like huge round elevators that goes very high and then turns around so you can see all the park and the surroundings.
While we were up in the air, my 3rd son said: “Look down there! Grandpa is eating french fries”.
OMG, I was laughing inside and I couldn’t wait until we got out to see the scene. Because I knew my ex mother in law wasn’t going to let that one pass so easily.
I ended up missing the scene because I had to take my kids to the bathroom… Never mind, I missed that one but I saw many others and I could never understand why she acted that way. But what made even less sense was why her husband allowed all that to happen.
You see, you have the puppet and the puppeteer… right?

How sad it is when you can’t relax. When you feel you are constantly being watched or controlled. When you know that if you mess up a little bit, you’ll be listening to someone chewing your ass for hours (in the best case scenario…)

How can we live a happy life if we have to be constantly hiding the evidence, right?

A couple of days ago, I was talking to a friend. I said: “You better get rid of that or you could get in trouble… Don’t do like someone I know who forgot to discard something VERY incriminating”
“Like what?”
“An used condom on her car console”
“Yeah… Let me tell you the story. This woman was one of the mothers in the former school. She was a piano teacher. Very shy and with a little voice. The kind of woman you would NEVER imagine she could cheat on her husband… But she did. With one of her students. She decided to f#$k him in her car and forgot to get rid of the evidence and of course, her husband found it”.
“Yes, wow… We are still praying the student wasn’t under-age. And you have NO IDEA the things the husband said about her”.

Why do you think people lie? I know why my ex father in law lies every time. What I can’t understand is why he accepts to live that way. Why he lets his wife have him by the balls.

And why did the mom lie? Well, that’s complicated. With time I found out that she was very unhappy in her relationship and that her husband was very controlling and jealous. That he used to call her “whore” every time she spoke with a man or every time he didn’t approve the way she dressed up. She couldn’t do anything… And she couldn’t leave him because he threatened her with taking their daughters away.

Did she forget the condom on purpose?

As I said before, every family is a world.
And it’s so easy to judge from the outside…


~ by DotedOn on November 7, 2016.

19 Responses to “804”

  1. Wow, sounds very dysfunctional but I can tell you…no one in this house eats ice cream without inviting me!

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  2. We humans are certainly a complicated bunch :-\

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  3. Secrets are poisonous and it’s a bad sign for any family to be keeping them.

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  4. Something a friend told me years ago:

    “You can’t be a doormat if you don’t lie down.”

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  5. Paola there’s a common theme to your recent posts, a husband not standing up to a domineering wife, I wonder why that is, mind you some ladies are belittled by their husbands so in a relationship maybe there always has to be one boss? LOL discuss!

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  6. I agree. we should not judge because we are not in that familys shoes. its easy to say what you would could should have done. xxx

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