Sunday. I continue with what happened on Friday.
I was still drinking my beer and more people went to the guy on my right to talk to him. If I really paid attention, I could understand everything they were saying.
After a while the organizer came with a horn and a bell announcing that it was the second round.
At that moment I asked the man on my right: “Is this the first time you compete on this?”
“No, the second time. I also did it last year”.
“How did it go?”
“I didn’t guess any bear. Zero points. So if this time I guess one beer, I’ll consider I improved 100%”
“By the way, I’m Paola”
“I’m H, nice to meet you”
“Nice to meet you too”
Soon he got his glass filled with the second beer and he said: “Paola, try this beer and tell me what it is”
So I did and I said: “I think it’s horrible. I guess Heineken because I don’t like Heineken… But it could be anyone because I only know 3 of those beers and I don’t think I can recognize anyone after drinking 1/2 liter of mine”.
“You don’t like beer much?”
“I do, but not strong beer. I like white beer very much”
“Let me buy you another one, then”
“Nooooo, if I drink another one of these, I’ll have to crawl home. But I’ll accept a small one”
So he bought 2 beers, one for each.
Since we were talking, everyone who came to talk to him, was introduced to me.
The third round came and I also had to try and tell my opinion.
Then he bought me another beer.
“Really, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stand up”.
At that time, I spilled a bit of my beer (thank goodness!).

Then it was time for the 4th round. I tried to take a picture of the girl with the sign with a number 4.

The picture makes justice to the way I saw at that point of the evening.


Then I thought: “I have the camera. It’s the perfect excuse to take the picture of the first man who talked to me” (The quite old one)
He’s the one on the right, if you wonder.


Then I took another random picture behind me


Since I was talking to H, the couple that was sitting to my left also introduced themselves to me. Really nice people. The guy visited Argentina a few times because of his job and he could talk a bit of Spanish.
I already had met a lot of people and I was laughing and having a lot of fun.

“So, what brings you here?”
“I live here, around the corner”
“Really? For how long?”
“Over two years”
“And what do you do here? Do you work?”
“No, I’m a mom”
“Are you living here because of your husband’s job?”
“No, I’m single. I have 5 kids”
“5 KIDS!?!”
I believe I said that 7 or 8 times.

“Two more beers, please”
“No, I’m not sure I can drink anymore. This would be the 4th and the first one I had was a big one. I think I’m drunk already”
“Come on! You don’t look drunk at all”
“It’ll be difficult to walk home”
“If there’s a problem, I’ll walk home with you”

Round 5, 6, 7 and 8. And all the time I kept talking H. I had to ask how old he was.
“What do you think?”
“Hmmmm… 48?”
“And how old do you think I am”.
“Oh no! Don’t make me do this”
“Come on! I won’t get mad, I promise”
“I don’t know… 40?”
“Wow! I said 40 because you mentioned your kids and for how long you were living in Europe but you actually look much younger”
“Well, thank you!”
“Oh, looks who’s here. He’s the photographer of the local newspaper… This is Paola, from Argentina”
“Hello, nice to meet you”
“Let me buy you a beer”
“Oh, thank you! But I don’t think I should”.
I was actually worried about the amount of beer I was drinking. I could feel I was happy but not really drunk. I think I was very afraid of doing something wrong and being the subject of all the conversations. Probably that’s what kept me really conscious.

Round 9, 10 and 11.
I was thinking I should go home. It was after 12.30am and my idea was to be home by 10pm. Then I thought: “What the hell, I could wait to see who won”.

“So H, who won last year?”
“Do you know that half the men in this town are called Hermann?”
“Hahahaha, then let’s go meet him”
So I went to meet “The King”. Because when you win any competence in this area, you get to be king or queen for one year.
“How many beers did you get right last year?”
“Wow! Is that difficult?”
“Yes, it was pure luck”.

That’s the trophy you could get if you won this year


“I’m having a great time, Paola”
“Me too”
“I’m glad you decided to come”
“Me too”
“Do you know that one of my best friends comes from Spain? He couldn’t come today, otherwise you would have met him”
“I can meet him next year”
“What are you telling me? You’ll prefer to talk to him instead of to me?
“Hahahahaha. No, of course not! I’ll talk to you”.

WOW! I believe a part three is coming soon.

~ by DotedOn on November 13, 2016.

6 Responses to “810”

  1. Paola, are you hinting that there may be a romance “brewing”?! 😉 REALLY looking forward to the third part 😀

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  2. Wow! There’s more? I can only guess what’s coming next!

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  3. h sounds lovely. makes a change from the ass hole ex! xxx

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