Monday. I’ll continue with the third and last part of the story.
H and I started to talk about music. I don’t know anything about music but he wanted to know what I liked and if I could play any instrument.
He said he was a huge fan of hard rock and heavy metal and showed me a lot of pictures of the concerts where he had been.
He also sang to me several songs. I can’t even sing my country’s national anthem without music.

“I’m having a great time. I’m glad you decided to come”
“Me too”
After a while they announced the winner. He also won with 4 beers.
H had one point and he was happier than a dog with two tails.
“I’m so happy! Two more beers please!!”
“Holy cow. I don’t think I should drink this one”
“Yeah, and then you can go home”
“If I can, of course”
“Tomorrow I have to write an article for the newspaper about what happened today here”
“Do you write?”
“Yes, sometimes I do”
“I write too!”
“What do you write?”
“I have a blog”
“Is that why you are taking all the pictures?”
“Oh yeah! And Now I take one of us so you can be famous too. You can find them on tomorrow’s post”
“Ok! I will. Is your name written with U or with O?”
“With an O. Paola”
“Then I’ll look for Paola’s blog”
“Please don’t! I would like to write about everything that has happened and I’m not sure I’ll feel comfortable if you read it”

So I took a few pictures of us.



“I’m going to invite you to an event. I hope you can make it”
“When is it? And what kind of event?”
“Kloatscheeten. It’s the sport of this area. I think you’ll enjoy it and you’ll meet a lot of people too. It’s on March 4th”
“Ok, if it’s my weekend alone, I’ll see you there.”

At that point most people had gone home.
We were drinking the last beer and H told me for 25th time: “I’m so glad you decided to come today”
“I’m really glad too”
Then he said: “Thank you for the wonderful evening”
“Thank you for the 5 beers”
“4 beers”
“5 beers”
“I bought you only 4 beers”
“But I’m sure I drank 6 beers and I’m amazed that I can still count!”
Next day I realized he was right. He bought me 4 beers and the photographer paid for one.
“Anyway, I’m telling you “Thank you for the wonderful evening” and you thank me for the beers?”
“Yes, because we are still here”
“So the evening didn’t end yet?”
“And I will tell you: “Thank you for the wonderful evening” when we say bye. OK?”
“Ohhh OK”. And he smiled from ear to ear.

Then he said: “I’m going to smoke the last cigarette. When I get back, I’ll hold your arm and I’ll walk you home”.
When H left, the old man who was saying “prost” every time I took a sip, said to me:
“I’d like to buy you a beer”
“Thank you, but I’ll be leaving in a couple of minutes”
“Next time then”

So I already have two dates. Yay me!
It was past 1.30am when H came back. He said: “Let’s go”

When we were outside I asked what I wanted to ask for about 4 hours but didn’t dare to do it because everyone could hear our conversation. He didn’t have a ring so I was really hoping he was single but I needed to ask and be sure:
“Are you married?”
“Are you single then?”
“So? What’s the situation?”
“It’s complicated”.

F#$k. I hate complicated. I didn’t have much time to ask more questions because it was freaking cold. I had a lot of clothes on but he wasn’t even wearing a sweater. I found out that he lives above the bar so he really didn’t need any warm clothing to get there.

A few steps before getting to my house I said: “Thank you for walking me home. And thank you for the wonderful evening”
He smiled and said: “I want to see you again”
“Only if you are not taken. Go home now”
“See you!”
“You promise?”
I can’t for the life of me, remember what I answered. Holy f#$k.

To be honest, I’d love to see him again.
And I’d really love to know how complicated is complicated.


~ by DotedOn on November 14, 2016.

15 Responses to “811”

  1. Paola, this was SO much fun to read and I REALLY hope this turns out to be positive and not “complicated” in a way that makes it bad. I say this because, although there’s no way to tell from this distance, going by these photos, I see kindness and warmth in his eyes. I hope I’m right! Take it slow, girl 🙂 oxox

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  2. Well, if nothing else, I’m sure it’s flattering that you meant an interesting man. I hope it works out but these complications are a bit scary!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. love the photos 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 😀 What was your head like next day, all that beer I’m impressed! Paola if you make a new good friend then I think that’s lovely. He sounds a nice guy.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. this sounds good paola! hope you see him again because he sounds wonderful! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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