Wednesday. I’m really distracted lately. Also forgetful.
My ex’s parents are in town. That means a lot of stress. Even after we broke up, they manage to make my eye twitch. Not as bad as it used to be but I still get really anxious.
They rented a house just across the border so I can feel the vicinity of the bad vibes from here.

About two months ago I borrowed my ex’s car because he thought it was a good plan if every now and then I went for a ride so I didn’t forget how to drive. He can be nice sometimes but I can’t really trust him because I tend to pay a really high price for his kindness.
The deal was that I borrowed the car to go to the doctor. I had no idea that I had to wait for 6 weeks for the appointment so I said to my ex: “If you need the car, take it. I’ll cycle to the doctor’s office”.
“OK. I may need it because my parents are coming and they’d like to use it”
“No problem. When is this?”
“November 6th”
“And did they book a return ticket?”
“Of course not! You have no idea how I am stressing about it”
“Why do you think I have no idea?!?”

I went to the doctor last week Wednesday. I said to him that I didn’t need the car anymore and I asked him if he wanted it back. He said “maybe”.
On Monday I asked again: “Do you want me to return your car so your parents can use it”
“NO, PLEASE DON’T. If you give me the car back, they’ll never leave!”

So now (and again), I’m the bad guy here. I’m not sure what he said to his parents about the car.
“Did they ask for the car?”
“Of course they did! But if they have the car, they’ll stay until January! If they don’t have the car, they’ll get bored and leave sooner”.

I can totally understand how he feels. I couldn’t tolerate his parents for more than a weekend. His father is not that bad but he didn’t have permission to talk to me. It took me years to realize that he actually liked me. But the mother… Backstabbing bitch.

The other day my kids were in the car, seat belts on, ready to go see their grandparents for the first time. I was still talking to my ex. I noticed that my oldest son had a jacket on that wasn’t really apt for the cold weather. Even though he had a thick fleece sweater underneath, I said to him: “Get back inside and put on a warmer jacket”
“Nooo… Why?”
“Because I don’t need your grandma saying horrible things about my parenting skills behind my back”
So my ex said: “Why do you think she’ll say something?”
“Hmmm… Let me see.. Probably because I can feel it from here. Can you deny it?”
He was speechless.

So that’s it. I can’t believe she still have the power to get to my nerves. I’m really good at not showing it and pretending that it doesn’t affect me. But the truth is, I still feel I could choke that woman.

~ by DotedOn on November 16, 2016.

8 Responses to “813”

  1. Ugh! How awful that even after all is done with your ex, your ex-in-laws still manage to get on your nerves!

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  2. You got to hope somewhere that there is someone who is going to get her back for that attitude. You have to hope, right?

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  3. Oh, Paola, I DO understand your anxiety 😦 When a person cuts that deep and is that horrible (my boyfriend’s mother—I HATE her and for good reason), it’s near impossible to let go of it, especially since she is still in your life on some level. Once your kids are grown (I know, that’s too many years from now), you won’t be involved with her anymore, at least that’s how it “should” go. Try not to let it make you too stressed though, if you can :-\

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  4. oh paola i’m sorry she gets to you. I hate when someone gets under my skin. its not a nice feeling. I hope you get through the rest of the visit without too much anxiety. xxx

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