Thursday. A couple of weeks ago my mom send a package with some clothes for my kids and for me. We got the package Tuesday evening and we opened it while my mom was on a video call with us. My kids tried some of the things on and when I was going to try a shirt, I got a message from my ex saying he was on his way to pick up the kids. I told my mom: “Let me get the kids ready and I’ll call you again when they leave”.

While they were getting ready, I decided to try the shirt. I put it on, look down at myself to see how it looked and I exclaimed: “Holy f#$k! Is this a dress or a shirt? You can even see the color or my bra through it”.
“Mom, I don’t think you can go out wearing that”

Let me explain: You have loose shirts, normal shirts, tight shirts, very tight shirts and then, the shirt that my mom sent me.

When my kids left I call my mom again: “Mom, the shirt you sent me is very strange. It is VERY tight, very, very, very, tight. It almost reaches my knees and the sleeves are as long as snakes. I’m sure there is something wrong with it. I believe that if you pay close attention, you can see the brand of my bra on the back”
I wanted to show it to her but my brother was there so I didn’t do it.

Yesterday afternoon I called her and said: “Mom, we are going to the consulate soon. I’ll call when I’m back”
“Ok, tell the man to drive carefully”
“I will! Oh ma, would you like to see how I look with the shirt you sent me?”
“Yes, please!”
So I put it on and she was laughing. “Maybe you should stretch it the other way a bit. Don’t let it go to your knees”.
“Yeah, and for sure I’ll need to wear it with another bra. Ok, ma, I’ll go change now. I want to be ready when the kids come”
“OK. Do you have all the documents? Did you check if the consulate is open?”
“Yes! I called this morning for the fourth time. The guy who picks the phone already knows me. When I was about to hang up I said to him: “See you this afternoon” and he replied: “I’m afraid you won’t see me. I work at the archives office and I’m in charge of the telephone exchange. What you can do is to ask someone to call “the nice guy at the telephone exchange”. I laughed and I said I was going to do it”.
Then my mom said: “Go with that shirt! I’m sure you’ll get everything done. And put your hair up so your boobs show more. Remember that this world is handled with an ass and a tit”
“It is sad but it is true. If you are a woman with a privileged brain but you got an ugly ass, you are f#$ed”.

My mom is amazing. Always teaching us very important lessons.

Minutes later my ex came to pick us up. When we were on the way I told him: “I’m telling you already. I met the guy who takes the phone calls at the consulate and there is a big chance that I’m going to meet him later”.
“Eh? What are you talking about?”
“You know me… I couldn’t resist, he was very nice”.

The opening times of the consulate are from 3pm to 5pm. The stupid navigator said 2:05 hours to destination. We took 3:20 hours.
We got there at 4.45pm. I said to my ex: “I’m going in, you park the car and join me with the kids close to the passports office. I have to register and change the address first”.

So I went upstairs and there was a man by the door. I greeted him: “good afternoon” and when he replied I could recognize his voice so I said: “You are “the nice guy at the telephone exchange”, right?”
“Yes, I am! I can see you made it”
“Yes, barely”
“You said you were coming with your ex and the kids. What happened?”
“They went to park the car. They’ll be here in a few minutes”.

So the guy lead me to the registry office and told me to let them know that after registration I needed to go to the passport office.
I really felt like a VIP. Not only they treated me in an excellent way, they were also efficient and they stayed working for us until 5.45pm.

After finishing all the paperwork, I asked how long it took for the passport to be ready. The reply was: “About three weeks”
“Three weeks!?!”
The man looked down and started to apologize. I said: “Three weeks is NOTHING! I was expecting from 8 to 12 weeks!”
He smiled.

Before leaving I had to compliment them. I said: “It’s been a pleasure to come here. All of you were nice, efficient and very helpful. I wish all the people working at consulates and embassies were like you”
He had tears in his eyes. I went on: “You have no idea how rude some of the consulate employees can be. They don’t help you and treat you like if you were stupid. I’m telling you, I’m very happy with the way all of you work. Thank you very much”.

We got home at 9pm. and I still had to feed my kids. I did it with a smile. I love that feeling when something gets accomplished.

If you wonder, I didn’t wear the shirt.

~ by DotedOn on November 17, 2016.

18 Responses to “814”

  1. Wow, what a great experience ! Whenever you deal with bureaucracy here, it’s rarely a good experience!

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  2. Well, I’m glad you didn’t wear that “negligee” shirt 😉 And how wonderful they were so terrific! It’s rare, but OH when it happens! Happy happy joy joy 😀 😀 😀

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    • It’s really rare! It’s like once every 25 years thing! 😀
      OMG that shirt! 🙂
      I’ll see what I can do with it… My dad said: “You could cut where there is too much fabric and sew it where there is too little :D”
      But I believe is the kind of fabric that stretches in a very particular way (or I’m too curvy for it!!) 😀

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  3. Great story. I love it when everything falls so easy in place

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  4. Who knows if you wear that shirt, you could have gotten the passport in 3 days. Just Kidding. Thanks for sharing this story. I enjoyed reading it.

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  5. awe so happy your trip to the consulate was good! that man was so nice! wish there were more like him in the world. lol about your shirt. and your moms so funny. xxx

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