Sunday. I slept horribly. It’s very windy and I could blame the wind but I won’t. This time I will blame men because I’M MAD AT ALL MEN. There, I said it.
So, I’m sleep deprived and mad. That’s a bad combo. Add to the mix that I’m PMSing. So be prepared for what comes next.

Imagine you are a man and you get the chance to “make” the woman of your dreams.
If you have seen the movie “Weird Science”, you’ll understand what I mean. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about two nerds who create the perfect woman by choosing her looks and personality.

Now concentrate and think all the things you’d love in a woman. You can choose whatever you please: Marilyn Monroe’s lips, Tina Turner’s legs, Mother Teresa’s kindness, since you can pick whatever you like, go crazy!

Now you made the perfect woman so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if more men want her, right?

So what could happen then?
She gets to choose who’s the best man for her.
So who will he be?
Bachelor “A”, Bachelor “B”, Bachelor “C”, Bachelor “D” or Bachelor “D”?

After some considering, Super Woman decides to choose Bachelor “B”.

Now, two things can happen:

1) They live happily ever after.

2) The relationship will not flourish. There could be many reasons why things don’t work out but today I feel like blaming Bachelor “B” for any problem they had. (I know I’m not being rational. IS THAT A PROBLEM?).

So what happens?
Super Woman feels that Bachelor “B” is not really in the relationship and starts giving him warnings.
Bachelor “B” doesn’t give a crap about it and he continues acting in that way men act that sometimes is really hard to believe for us women. (Like WTF?!)

Super Woman gives more warnings: “Listen, things are not working out as planned. Don’t you think you should act in a different way?”
Bachelor “B” is still high because he was the chosen one so he thinks Super Woman will always be there.
But one day Super Woman has enough and leaves Bachelor “B”.

Now imagine what happens when the other 4 bachelors know that: “Bachelor “B”, you are an asshole! How could you let a woman like Super Woman go?”
But Bachelor “B” still thinks that if Super Woman picked him once, she’ll pick him twice. (See what I mean?? Where did he get those ideas from???)

Let me explain how things work for a woman (or at least, how they work for me).

In the graphic below you have: “She had enough”, “She’s moving on”, “That point” and “She’s gone”.


So Super Woman had enough and starts moving on. What happens while she’s moving on will depend on many factors like:

-self esteem
-support system
-how bad she got her heart broken
-how mad she is (maybe this will resonate: “hell knows no fury like a woman scorned”)

So the moving on part is crucial and it’s really difficult to tell how long it will last. It could take 3 hours, it could take 25 years.
While moving on, Super Woman will remember for sure that once, she had many bachelors to choose from. She’ll remember who she was, who she is and who she wants to be.

It’s only during the moving on part that Bachelor “B” could still have a chance with her because once she reaches “That Point”, it won’t matter anymore what Bachelor “B” does. She crossed that point, she moved on, and now she’s gone.

And believe me when I say it, she won’t be looking back.


~ by DotedOn on November 20, 2016.

25 Responses to “817”

  1. Beautiful.

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  2. You write the most thoughtful and interesting Posts Paola, often some of my own are inspired prompted by themes and conversations on your blog., I’ve two thoughts Id like to share on this one.

    Apparently if a guy visits one of those internet sites where you end up dating ‘choosing’ a woman to bring home the outcome lol usually turns out badly. He’ll say choose a beautiful east European girl for they are stunning, she’ll say she wants to be his wife, he’ll get her a visa marry bring her over then he runs into your problems, because she’s so stunning and she has her visa, she up sticks with the first guy she fancies, btw I’ve never or would never try buying a woman for a wife because I’m intelligent.

    Secondly you are right, if I ‘built’ my dream woman, Kiera Knightly because I love perky small breasts and thin beautiful women (sad), she’d again up sticks and leave me for her dream man. You can’t fight mother nature, leaving is the way of the world. Very perceptive Paola. I hope the weekends going well.

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    • You made me laugh, Andrew! But that thing about the visa is sadly true.
      And about your ideal woman. Do you really like everything about Kiera? You could give her a personality type that she would never ever leave you because YOU are her dream man! πŸ™‚
      (You only have to remember: don’t neglect her because the chance is big that she’ll get to “that point” πŸ™‚ )

      Have a wonderful Sunday!

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      • My colleagues joke and say I should find a Thai bride off the internet, years ago I used to work with a guy who married one and she did everything for him, washing, cooking and there’s was a happy marriage, but I’ll give them a miss, the only reason to get married for is love, but I gather Thai ladies give good blow jobs :/ so maybe!

        As for Kiera, she’s perfect and I like ‘skinny waifs’ though her tits could be a little bigger trouble is I couldn’t see us as a couple!!

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      • There is only one way to know! Go for the internet bride!! πŸ˜€

        Is Kiera a nice girl? She looks kind of bitchy to me πŸ˜€

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      • Yes she does, get an internet husband πŸ˜€ and he might do every chore round the house AND give you oral!!

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      • That’s why I want 3 butlers so when I’m not happy with them, I can fire them πŸ˜€
        I don’t think I can fire a husband so easily!

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  3. Dear friend: wise words, as always. You described the process PERFECTELY. Let me add something, though. THAT POINT can be reached even faster if Super Woman meets Bachelor E, completely unexepectedly, letΒ΄s say, at the supermarket. And thatΒ΄s it for Bachelor B, IΒ΄m sorry to say. Sometimes, enough is enough and you got to make a leap of faith or always regret it. Hugs.

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  4. Pretty accurate!

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  5. It’s very true that, for most women, there IS a tipping point—that point of no return. I know I have it! And man, your ex must really be doing a job lately, maybe ’cause his parents are in town? Oh boy…

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  6. 1. Sorry you’re having a bad day 😦 2. I agree, Bachelor “B” is an idiot. 3. Um, you’re right? Wait, I mean… you’re right.


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  7. I love this. Great senario. Sorry you were sleep deprived and mad. chin up it wont last hopefully! xx

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