Monday. Oh my! I’m trying to decide which of the following things would piss off my ex more if he ever decides to read my blog:
1) The things I write about him.
2) What I think about his mother.
3) That I drove his car for about 17km/10.5mi with the hand break on.

Of course I’m laughing now. Let me tell you what happened.
The previous night I went to bed late. At 3am I woke up and I couldn’t fall asleep until 6:30am. At least, that was the last time I checked the clock.
At 6.38am someone opened the door of my bedroom:
“Mom, I want to tell you that I have to go to the bathroom”.
“Go then!”. That was my youngest son who also turned on all the lights to get to the bathroom.
“I’m done”
“Good, go to bed now”. Then he turned off all the lights, closed my bedroom door and went back to sleep”.
I shook my head. At 7:03am I was going to hear the ugly ringtone that I picked to wake me up every morning. Like if I didn’t hate mornings enough.
So I was back at watching the ceiling but this time for shorter time because soon it was time to get the kids ready for school.
I was very anxious because I had to bring my little one to kindergarten. It was raining and I really hate riding my bike in the morning when it’s cold and rainy. Not only that, I do pretty dangerous/stupid things when I’m sleep deprived.
So I thought: “I could call the kindergarten and say he’ll be absent today. NO! Better I bring him with my ex’s car. I can use it while I have it”.

So I got dressed.
Then I thought: “It’s going to be a long day and I’ll be hating every minute of it. What I could do is go to the next town to get the groceries that I can’t find in this town. That way my mind won’t wonder and I won’t get moody”.

So I brought my son to kindergarten, parked the car and did what my instructor taught me: “You always leave the car on the 1st gear and with the hand break on”.
So I did it.
Then I got back to the car and since it was on the first gear, I drove away.

The road to the other town has some parts where you can drive at 100km/hour-62mi/hour.
The car usually has some noises that I still couldn’t understand where they come from. But that day, I noticed some extra noises. “WTF! Driving this car is like driving a maraca”.
Also, when I got to the other town and I had to stop at the traffic light, the car didn’t really want to stop.
I kind of panicked: “What if the breaks start failing me now? Crap! I really don’t need this today”.

Then I got to the supermarket. Parked the car and I could hear again my instructor’s voice saying: “You always leave the car on the 1st gear and with the hand break on”.

You should have seen my face when I looked down to put on the hand break and I saw it was already on”.
I couldn’t stop laughing. OMG. I know I can be a bit distracted sometimes but I have to admit that I surprise myself every time.

When I opened the door to get out, you have no idea how strong the smell of burned wheels was.

It’s not really unusual to see me laughing alone. I’m those kind of persons that walks on the street or is doing something and suddenly remembers something funny and bursts out laughing. That time was no exception.
I was laughing and then smiling while putting groceries in the shopping cart and they I realized the butcher who was looking at me for who knows how long, was smiling at me too. I blushed and went another way.

Later I called my mom and told her the story: “But, didn’t you see a light indicating that the hand break was on?”
“Eh?! Do I have to pay attention to that too?!”

Maybe I tell my ex about it but I’ll do it in a way that he’ll never know if I’m joking or telling the truth. I’ll feel much better if I can get that out of my system.

Now I’m really considering inventing a device like those that beep when you forget the lights on. Something with a nice music or a friendly voice saying: “You belong in the kitchen!”

You are probably thinking: “I’ll never lend her my car”. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for it either.


~ by DotedOn on November 21, 2016.

27 Responses to “818”

  1. Ha, ha! I know my husband would freak if I ever did that to his car! Nice accidental revenge.

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  2. Oh, geez, Paola! I know why you were laughing ’cause it can screw up “his” car and he’ll have to deal with it. The thing is, though, you want to know that the hand brake will still function properly so, in that way, it’s not so good :-\ It’s rare, but I’ve done it before, too, only I never had burning smells, etc., just that the car wouldn’t pick up speed the way it should. I would get SO aggravated with myself!

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  3. Ok, did you get up to 100kmh? Because doing that with the handbrake on… I’m thinking the handbrake isn’t going to be working much after that. And… I’m totally laughing at the moment.

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  4. πŸ˜€ So funny Paola I actually laughed out loud.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. oh lol too funny! or what about the device that beeps when you dont have a seatbelt on? something like that is what you need! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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