Saturday. A few weeks ago I got my ass off the couch and convinced my kids to go for a walk with the idea of taking some autumnal pictures.
I’m living in this town for over two years and there are still a lot of places that I don’t know.
I told my kids we were going to a new place. Of course, I was the only one who had never been to “the new place” because all my kids knew it already.

From my driveway to the right, you see this:


I love that view. I love that tree and all the ones in the background. I love to seat in my front yard and look at that direction.

Then if you go to the left and take the path, you are in the main street.


If you cross the street, you see the beautiful building on the picture below. Last week I decided to read the sign that’s hanging on one of the walls.
If I understood correctly, that building used to be the post office until 1986.


After almost two years living here, I discovered that there was a shortcut to go to the mill. The reason why I take years to discover new places is because I get lost. (And I don’t think it’s that sunny anymore).

You’d think that after living 17 years in a town you should know it, right? Well, not necessarily. Yesterday when I went shopping and I got lost trying to find the street to go to the car,
I discover a church that I had never seen before. I regret now not taking pictures of the amazing building. I hope I can find it again because that church is worth showing.

The new to me shortcut takes you to the local brewery. That’s another thing I want to visit soon.


If you go to the left from the brewery, you go uphill to the mill.


That’s the mill. I love that mill and I love that I can see it from my living room. I love to see it working almost as much as I love to hear the bells of the church.


Every Sunday at about 11am, you can hear the bikers. Many of them go to the mill. What they do up there, is a mystery to me. I thought they went to the cafΓ© that’s close to the mill but I think that they stay there, close to their bikes and talk for hours.


If you walk in the opposite direction from where I took the last picture, you enter in a little forest. Thank goodness it’s not very big so the chances of getting lost there, are kind of small. And that’s always good.

After walking for some time, we found a sign indicating that there was a museum somewhere so we decided to go.
We found an old mill. I didn’t understand if the museum is in the mill. I’ll find out somehow.


What caught my eye this time was the inscription at the entrance.


It’s in Latin and says:


I tried to translate that with some online translators but the result doesn’t make any sense. At least to me. Maybe if I knew something about history, it would be better.

I got this: “The blueness of a hard on me to eat you away with Theon’s attacks with his fang, Disgrace not this, it will be easy if God is one.”

This: “The blueness of a hard on me to eat you away with Theon’s tooth, no harm in this, will be easy if you are God, one.”

And this: “Teeth theonino rodat me black and blue mark bitter nil bad this , easy if you wish god one will be.”


Then I decided to look for Theon’s tooth. I found this:

Theon’s Tooth: The bite of an ill-natured or carping critic.

So I had to find out who Theon was:

1) A Greek teacher of mathematics and astronomy.
2) A carping grammarian of Rome.

Now I’m really curious why that inscription is at the entrance of a mill.

I’ll find out.

~ by DotedOn on November 26, 2016.

16 Responses to “823”

  1. I love when you share pictures, Paola, and what I really love is that you can even get your kids to want to take walks like that πŸ˜€

    The translations are REALLY weird. I wish I could ask my mother, but I can’t imagine she’d remember Latin from when she learned in high school back in the early 50s.

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  2. Thanks Paola for sharing this. Please let us know once you find out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy hunting!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. it sounds like you had a nice walk and took lots of great pictures! I hope that made you feel good and brightened your day! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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