Monday. Today is f#$king cold but the sky is blue so I won’t complain much. Also, I kind of enjoy watching the frost on the grass, it looks very pretty and I like the crunchy sound it makes when I walk on it.

You already know I’m a bit stubborn and I can become quite obsessed about some things. I don’t quit so easily and when I get an idea in my head or want something, I can go pretty far to get it.
That’s why I spent several hours this weekend trying to translate from Latin, the inscription that’s at the entrance of the old mill in my town.



The online translators didn’t do a good job so I decided to look up word by word and try to understand the meaning myself.

DENTE: tooth, tusk, spike/ destructive power, envy, ill will/ repeatedly, closely, densely

THEONINO: Theon/ slander (verb and noun), slanderer

RODAT: gnaw, peck

ME: need, lack, want/ require, be without

LIVOR: bluish/ envy, spite, jealousy, grudge

ACERBUS: harsh, strident, bitter, sour, unripe, green, unfinished, grievous, gloomy, painful, severe, dark, rough, sarcastic, oppressive, incisive

NIL: nothing, no, nonsense, no concern, thing not worth mentioning

NOCET: harm, injure/ be aware of mischief (3rd person singular)

HOC: (this, present, the latter, actual, occasional)

FACILIS: easy, without difficulty, suitable, prosperous, ready, good natured, favorable, accessible, convenient, compliant, quick, light

SI: if, if only, whether

DEUS: god, divine being

UNUS: one,single/ same/ any,some/ an/ at the same time

ERIT: he-she-it will be

You can see that some words have multiple meanings and some of those meanings are not synonyms.
Probably the online translators pick a random meaning and you end up with a sentence that doesn’t have much sense.

I have to admit that I enjoyed trying to make the words connect like a puzzle.
Latin is a very complicated language. It has some grammatical forms that don’t exist in Spanish or English so it was very hard for me trying to understand some of the things I read.
Better said, I didn’t understand them at all.
What’s nominative, genitive, dative, ablative, vocative and accusative? I’m not really interested in learning that.

After a very long time connecting the pieces, I think that the meaning of that sentence could be translate like this:

“Slander (repeatedly) needs grudge to gnaw harshly, this cause no harm, if compliant God is there (at the same time)”

Something like: bad things exist, just keep the faith.

Now, why that inscription is at the entrance of the mill, it’ll always be a mystery to me.

And I was told that the mill was the studio of a famous painter of this area. Now the place is a museum where the work of the artist can be seen.
I also found out it’s called West Mill, opposite to the one that’s still working, that’s called East Mill.


~ by DotedOn on November 28, 2016.

8 Responses to “825”

  1. No wonder Latin is so well studied. I wouldn’t have a clue!

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  2. This is very cool, Paola, and I just KNOW I’ll end up distracted by its puzzling nature. I already copied the list into a document! lol

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    • I think I found a new hobby too 😀
      There is always something written in Latin and now I got very curious to know what everything means 🙂


      • Until I got your response, I’d actually forgotten about this! lol I’m busy and forget things from one minute to the next. I think I saved the doc to my desktop and when I come across it, I may look at it again 🙂

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      • There are many Latin-English dictionaries online, some of them are very good. I forgot to save the websites but I think you can find them easily 🙂


  3. yay you kept on trying and i think it payed off! You are so determined! 🙂 ❤ xoxoxo

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