Tuesday. My washing machine didn’t die but it’s in an irreversible coma so I’ll have to let it go. Yesterday it did its last load of wash and after the results, I’m forced to pull the plug.
I can’t fix it.
It breaks my heart but what needs to be done, I cannot do. And calling a guy to fix it plus the spare parts, it’ll cost me about the same than getting a new one.
So f#$k it. It’s only a washing machine. Something that can be replaced.

If yesterday was f#$king cold, today is super f#$king cold.



In about one hour, I’ll have to go with the bike to pick my son from kindergarten.
Once I rode my bike when it was even colder and I was wearing a mini skirt, so I can do this.
I remember people thinking I was crazy for wearing a mini skirt with that temperature but if you wear two pairs of those ugly
panty hoses, believe me, you’ll have your legs on fire.


And I said ugly because of course, mine were beige (or like people say: skin color).

If you don’t believe me, you can ask my dad if those things are warm or not. He used to wear them when he went fishing in winter. I still have the image of him on panty hoses engraved in my mind. I wish I had my iPod then.

Now I’m a bit sad. When I opened yahoo.com to look for a picture of a panty hose, I saw the news of a plane crash carrying a Brazilian Soccer (FOOTBALL) team.


I had to read it. Probably I shouldn’t have done it but I thought that’s the kind of news that my brother would tell me next time I talk to him.

Every tragedy breaks my heart but sometimes, the story behind the tragedy makes things even worse.

The name of the team is Chapecoense. It’s from a very small town in southern Brazil called Chapeco.
After many years, they finally got to the first division. That means they got to play with the “big” teams. Not only that, they won several games and classified for the Copa Sudamericana, where only the best teams of each South American country, get to play.
They were having a dreamy season beating some of the biggest teams of South America and they were about to play another match in Colombia.
The team was pretty much the only thing bringing joy to the people in the small Brazilian town.
Some time ago they got to the finals in some tournament and the match couldn’t be hosted in its stadium because it’s a very modest one so they had to move it to a bigger place, about 5 hours away.

I really could cry right now. Everything seems so unfair. Some of their dreams were coming true and now this.
Why? Why? Why?
Why sometimes you think you are finally getting a break when in reality, you are just about to get broken?

If you are interested, you can find the original article here.

~ by DotedOn on November 29, 2016.

12 Responses to “826”

  1. This saddens me. I didn’t know about it.

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  2. That is very sad. Sometimes it’s hard to look at the news.

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  3. RIP washing machine.

    Also as a Canadian I’m thinking that’s not cold at all!

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  4. I saw the article on the crash this morning. The video clip that one of the team members sent out was so sad knowing it was the last time most of them would be alive. He was the one who survived. 😦 😦 😦

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  5. A lovely tribute Paola, like you I was very shocked when I heard, not only for the poor lads but as you say football means so much to the people and communities who follow, sometimes life is so miserable that a simple football match has the power to inspire and bring joy. Very sad 😦

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  6. oh dear, how sad for that football team. So many tragedies lately. Its heartbreaking. I’m sorry too about your washing machine, but your right, it can be replaced. xxx

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