Thursday. One of those days became two of those days. I truly wish I could go back to bed but since I can’t do it, I’ll be knitting hats for my kids and watching YouTube videos the whole day. Knitting only, doesn’t keep the thoughts away.

Another month gone and the most stressful is ahead.
Luckily in three weeks my kids have Christmas Holidays. I can’t wait.

This year, I won’t be going to Spain for the Holidays. Both of my cousin husband’s parents are sick. I feel very sad for them. They still invited to go but I don’t think is right to do it this time.
Maybe next year.

I got this from my friend Aaron this morning. I hope it inspires you too.


~ by DotedOn on December 1, 2016.

6 Responses to “828”

  1. Knitting and crocheting can be very relaxing. I haven’t done it in about 35 years! I hope you share pics of the results, Paola 🙂

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  2. Nice that there are happy thoughts coming in.

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  3. I hope you enjoy xmas no matter what you do. I still want to learn to crochet. I need to start knitting again. I found it therapeutic. xxx ❤ xoxoxoxox and hugs

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    • I’m knitting a scarf now (a very challenging thing to do, hahahahahaha 😀 )
      Crocheting is very relaxing for me, more than knitting. I’m not sure what I do when I knit but I always tend to add stitches as I go… And I hate unraveling! 🙂

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