Saturday. This is my wish for any day in this lifetime: “I want that for once, everything goes smoothly from beginning to end.”
I can’t f#$king believe that EVERYTHING comes with obstacles. I’m tired of it. Done.

I got a new washing machine. I thought that the men bringing the new machine were going to take the old machine, as stated on the website, so I took the old washing machine and moved it to the front door so they could take it from there more easily. If you ever moved a washing machine, you know they are f#$king heavy.

One hour later, the men came and I said: “Here is the old washing machine, are you going to take it?”
“No, you didn’t book that service”
I was speechless. I said: “I didn’t know I had to ask for it, I thought you were going to take it anyway”.
“No, we can only take the packaging”.
The packaging was a bit of plastic to cover the machine, a square cardboard and 4 pieces of styrofoam.
I looked at him and was about to say: “Are you f#$king kidding me?” but I said: “I can handle the packaging, you know, it is NOT as heavy as the machine”.
If instead of two men there was only one, I was going to tell him in German: F$%k you… Since that’s one of the few things I can say.

“Ok, never mind” I thought. “When my son gets back from school, I’ll ask him to help me move it to the garage, so the washing machine can join the old fridge and the old dishwasher that were in the house when I moved in”.

I was sure the men were going to take my old machine so before they got here, I cut the plug because the wall socket has a very particular shape that I had never seen before.



I thought that the machine came with the loose cables and that I had to connect them to a plug. Some appliances come that way.
But I was WRONG. The machine came with the standard plug.



So this morning I decided to get a standard socket and change it myself.
I spent some time watching YouTube videos. Then I took a deep breath, went to the basement, disconnected the main power, went to the laundry room, started taking the old socket out and discovered that there were many more cables there than what I expected to find because from that outlet comes another outlet that I use for the dryer, fridge and freezer.

F#$K the f#$king f#$k.


The only thing left to do was to call my friend, the one who made that connection. He’s the same guy who helped me with the oven.
And the same guy that when I thanked him, he hugged me in a VERY uncomfortable way that I thought he was either going to rub my ass or kiss my neck. Ugh.

Some days I need a hug, I desperately need a hug but if I could make a list of the persons from whom I’d like to get a hug, I’d put him in the last position.

I called him and got the stupid answering machine. I left a message. I only hope he has no time to come this weekend because I’m alone again and I really wonder if he thinks I want something else. Shit.

Right now, I can use the machine because I plugged it in another socket but that’s only a temporary solution because eventually, I’d like to use the door behind the machine to go to the backyard.


You have no idea how bad my mood is right now.


~ by DotedOn on December 3, 2016.

12 Responses to “830”

  1. Oh that sucks. I’m sorry.

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  2. Sorry to hear…

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  3. F#$k the f#$king f#$k. There it is again. (And yes, I’m going backward… sorry (and yes, I’m laughing again)). And I think I figured out who this guy is. 😦

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  4. Where is the F#$K button!!! 😖😁

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  5. wow. if I was dealing with all that, my mood would be like crap this is shit I am so mad! I hope you got it sorted out! and the socket is fixed. xxx

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