Sunday. I got a cold.
I’m sneezing, I have a runny nose, watery eyes and my throat hurts a bit. I’m not happy about it.

If I was paranoid before, now I moved forward to a new stage that’s way beyond paranoia and that I don’t have enough knowledge in any language to describe how it is.

I mentioned on my previous post that I called my friend and left a message in his answering machine about the socket that he installed for my washing machine when I moved here.

A few hours later I found an email from him:


So I called him again, explained the problem and also sent a bunch of pictures to answer all his questions.
My idea was that he gave me the instructions so I could change the socket myself.
The theory wasn’t complicated at all. The problem this time was that somehow I had to make 3 cables fix in a tiny little hole (physically impossible), or just pick the right cable and ignore the other two.
He explained which one was the right cable but for some reason, I felt I couldn’t do it, it was like I had to save the world from an imminent explosion and my picking the freaking right cable depended on it.

I think he understood my struggle because he said: “I can do it for you”.
And that’s exactly what I didn’t want to happen. So I started shaking my head and then he added: “But I can’t do it this week because I’m organizing a party for my dancing group next Friday”.
I think he could hear my sigh of relief.
Not to make things awkward, I soon added: “Salsa?”
“No, blues dancing now”
“Blues dancing?! What’s that?”
“You dance much closer to your partner. Google it. And I’ll show you how to dance next time I see you”
I believe my heart stopped for about 10 seconds when I heard that.
I’m not sure how I managed to finish the conversation but I remembered saying: “Have fun at the party”.

So I hung up and ran to the computer to search a video of “blues dancing” and after watching it, I could only say: F#$k the f#$king f#$k.

That’s a screenshot of what I saw:


And do you remember I was worried about a stupid hug?!? How the f#$k am I going to prevent his package from touching my leg (FOR SURE) this time???


~ by DotedOn on December 4, 2016.

10 Responses to “831”

  1. Paola, I have to tell you—I’m surprised you called him at all after the last time. I would suggest you call him and say you fixed the cable!

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  2. F#$k the f#$king f#$k. OMG, I’m dying here. Everytime you say that line I can’t help but laugh. And as for his package… ok, I really think I missed something and need to catch up.

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  3. Sometimes you just have to call a professional!

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  4. So funny 😀

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