Monday. How fun it’s to have a cold. Each of my eyelids weights about two pounds and I’m sure I look really attractive with my glassy eyes and red nostrils.

I’m waiting for someone to come and replace the bathroom window.
The landlord sent me an email saying that I should expect them after 8m and that they won’t come if it’s freezing or raining.
Right now it’s past 9am and -7ยฐC/19ยฐF.
You bet it’s freezing. I’m not sure if they are coming or not. I’d love to know what’s going to happen. Saying to someone: “I’ll be there after 8am” it’s too vague.
Am I expected to wait here the freaking entire day or I have to assume that it’s freezing and wait for further notice?
They should know that I’m sick, that I left my warm bed and that I got dressed just for them, so the least they could do is to let me know for sure what’s going to happen so I can decided if I stay waiting or if I go back to bed.

I just got a message. They are not coming today. They’ll wait until the weather changes.
And that’s not vague, right?

Things keep getting better and better.


~ by DotedOn on December 5, 2016.

13 Responses to “831”

  1. Ugh, that’s so frustrating and I hate when they give you those windows. Any sort of repair person or contractor can be so unreliable.

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  2. Vague about when they’ll be there, but not vague about when they won’t. I hope you get over your cold soon..

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  3. I hate waiting on people.

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  4. Vagueness seems to be the trend when it comes to repair of any sort. I’d love to be vague about deadlines but it seems to be against my nature. “No, no, seriously, I’ll have it done around… um.. later. Is that ok?”

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  5. I think waiting on repairman is one of those things that’s inevitably annoying and often too vague. I get the whole “not when it’s freezing” thing, but they should at least look at the weather forecast and give you a day to shoot for so you’re not tying up your life around “waiting.” (and you know how I feel about waiting lol)

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  6. ah, the joys. I hope you went back to bed and rested so you can feel better. xxx

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