Wednesday. It’s late today. I still have the stupid cold and I also got a cold sore.

Finally I got the bathroom window changed. It looks nice.
Now I need to find a way to hang a curtain because as it is now, half town could see my boobs.

It’s almost time to cook dinner and I’m very relaxed on my couch.
By this time the past two years, I had already bought the Christmas presents and this year I don’t even know what my kids want.
I’ll start stressing tomorrow because that’s when I put up the tree. For sure I’ll feel the real pressure then.
For now, I’m enjoying being relaxed.


~ by DotedOn on December 7, 2016.

10 Responses to “833”

  1. Relax…enjoy a break… take a shower… be an exhibitionist. haha.

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  2. Sounds good to me!

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  3. 😀 Show the Town!!!! Perhaps not you might end up on YouTube.

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  4. ah the stress! I hope you aren’t too stressed out now! And you got everything for the kids for xmas! ❤ xoxoxox

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