Monday. My stress levels are quite high today. I still didn’t order the Christmas presents and now I’m afraid I won’t get them on time and that I’ll have to go out shopping.
I said to myself I was going to do that last Friday and I’m still not sure what I should buy for my kids. This year none of them made a list so I’m f#$ked.

One good thing is that it’s not really cold here. Usually it’s freaking cold, below freezing point but for now it’s ok. At least, for me.
No need to wear mittens but I know that could change in two hours.

The other day I was reading an article about sexy gifts that you can give to your significant other that are not lingerie.
For example:

-Candles that melt into massage oil
-Adult coloring books
-Stupid card games (position of the day, sexy truth or dare)
-Love coupons
-Sexy costumes
-Aphrodisiac cooking books
-Satin sheets
-Double shower head
-Sexy apron
and many more.

Among all the ideas they showed, this is the one I’d pick.


Anyway, I think I rather get lingerie. I’d love a crazy pair of panties. I can always wear those and for sure they won’t be collecting dust.

There was one thing that wasn’t clear for me. Are the sexy gifts also going under the tree or they are the kind of things that you give in private?

I’d love to see my grandma’s face when I open a sexy elf costume.



~ by DotedOn on December 12, 2016.

15 Responses to “838”

  1. You *HAVE* to post you wearing it, Paola!

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  2. Oh yeah, think you might want to save those for private moments. Ha, ha!

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  3. I want that mug! Where do I find it?

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  4. Totally goes under the tree. Shock value alone makes the gift a two-for. You get the pleasure of giving the gift and watching the intended person’s reaction… AND… the reactions of everyone else.

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  5. love the mug. so good to have a sense of humour. makes life more bearable

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  6. those all sound like cool gifts to get! My favourite gift is something that someones put thought into! xxx

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