Monday. Lately I’m distracted and not inspired.
I realized this afternoon that I numbered yesterday’s post 848 instead of 844. I have no idea how I could get that wrong.

The beautiful mild winter we were having for the past two weeks is about to leave and the freaking cold will take it’s place. For now I don’t care so much because tomorrow is the last day of school before the holidays and I don’t have to get up early until the second week of January. You should see my smile now.

I’m a bit concern because I didn’t get some of the presents. I specially ordered the items that said: “in stock” and then I got an email from the store saying it may take longer because they don’t have the items in stock and they wanted to know if I preferred to wait or cancel the order. WTF!
I wish I get the stuff soon so I can relax. I’m sure one day that it’ll happen.

~ by DotedOn on December 19, 2016.

4 Responses to “845”

  1. Yikes! Well, enjoy those days off.

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  2. It’s terrible when that happens, and MANY years ago, when I first got a credit card and didn’t have to wait for cash or save up to buy anything, I started shopping early ’cause I could. It takes that pressure off, for sure. Of course, I no longer “do” the holiday gift shopping thing anymore, so there’s no stress over it whatsoever! lol I hope you can get what you need 🙂

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    • I get only one gift to each kid and that’s all I can stand. I used to give something to the teachers and close friends but thank goodness, I don’t do that anymore! 🙂
      (I did prepare some toffee for the teachers this time but no more going shopping for anyone!) 🙂


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