Sunday. If you celebrate, Merry Christmas.
I had a wonderful Christmas day and Christmas Eve.
Last night the pizzas were very nice. I made 6 of them and saved the last one to eat it for breakfast (because cold pizza is my favorite breakfast). I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures. I had the intention to do it but then I think I drank too much and forgot about it.
I did take a picture of the centerpiece I managed to make:


This morning I was a bit nervous because I had ordered the wrong present for my daughter. She’s not the kind of girl that would understand that Santa could be wrong.
As soon as she unwrapped the gift I shouted: “Wait! That dog doesn’t walk, it only barks. Santa made a mistake!”
She looked at the dog and immediately fell in love with it. So much that she sat it close to her at the breakfast table.


I baked cinnamon rolls. I was craving them for over a year. They were amazing.

If you are new to my blog, you probably don’t know that two years ago I wrote a letter to Santa asking for a boyfriend and put it in the mailbox. I always wondered what the people at the post office thought about it.


I have to admit that Santa took his time but I finally got what I asked for.
And if you are wondering: no, he doesn’t work at the post office and felt sorry about me.
I met him playing Words With Friends.
All those hours I dedicated to that game, finally payed off.
I’m happy.

~ by DotedOn on December 25, 2016.

13 Responses to “851”

  1. Paola, I’m so glad it all worked, especially that your daughter fell in love with her barking puppy 😀 Did she name it yet?

    Love the centerpiece—so natural and homey 😀

    And a BOYfriend? When did this start?! It had to be pretty recently and the thing I REALLY want to know—does he live ANYwhere near you?

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  2. Oooooh, nice! Who is he?? Dish, dish… Merry Christmas Paola!

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  3. How wonderful Paola! Your xmas wish finally came through! Yay. Now I want to know more! xoxo Merry xmas. xx

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  4. Sending wishes out is a good way to tell God that we are letting him handle it. Merry Christmas

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