Monday. People here celebrate the second day of Christmas. It’s also a holiday and everything is closed.
I don’t care much about the stores being open or not but I wanted to eat Chinese food and I couldn’t. Now I’m not sure if they weren’t open because it was a holiday or because it’s Monday and that’s their “rest” day. (That’s what says on the menu).
I’m so glad I have the freezer full of leftovers.

My kids spent the day with their father and came back a while ago. Now it’s past 11.30pm and they are still awake, playing video games and with no intention of ever going to sleep. I’m kind of fine with it because I don’t want them getting up too early tomorrow. I know it’ll happen anyway but I always hope they sleep at least until 9am.

My day was nice. We went out for a walk. We didn’t go too far because it was quite windy.
I realized I should learn more things about this town because I wasn’t able to answer any question about it. I’m glad I don’t live in a big city. History is not my strongest point.

I’m a bit stressed because I’m really behind reading blogs,answering comments and e-mails. I hope I can do it soon but the truth is, I want to catch up in many other things too.
I wish I could say: “When things get back to normal” I’ll do this and that but we all know that things were never normal before so it’s hard to make that kind of commitment.

Now I’m happy and that’s all that matters.

~ by DotedOn on December 26, 2016.

12 Responses to “852”

  1. I thought Chinese restaurants were the only thing open during these holidays! Glad you are happy!

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  2. I’m so glad you’re happy, Paola πŸ˜€ And when you say “we” went out for a walk, if your kids were with their dad, who is “we”????? πŸ˜‰

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  3. great to read this paola! weird how different countries celebrate different dates. we call the day after Christmas boxing day! xxx

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  4. If it’s any bonus, I haven’t really written anything in a while, so you don’t have to stress about catching up to mine. 😦

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