Saturday. Last day of the year and last half hour of the year for me. I still have to put on my red panties. I need all the luck I can get.

I also have to get the 12 raisins. I can’t believe I forgot to buy grapes.
Apparently, every year I miss a tradition and I compensate with a new one. I have very little time to think how could I compensate the missing grapes because I have to call my parents before they leave to celebrate and I also have to find a way to mature the avocados I’ll need to prepare sushi tomorrow.
I was searching information about it and I was really discouraged when I found the picture below.


Guess how my avocados look?
I got them yesterday and wrapped them on newspaper like my father always told me but today they look exactly the same. Like if they were still on the stupid tree and harder than boyfriend’s dick (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

I better get my heavy ass moving now and start counting the raisins and getting, ready otherwise I risk being the entire year regretting my stupidity and laziness.

I wish all of you a good end of year and a better beginning. That all your wishes come true and don’t be careful on what you wish for. Go crazy and take a risk.
Life is too short.

~ by DotedOn on December 31, 2016.

9 Responses to “857”

  1. I don’t know how to tell the ripeness of avocados either. I made a salad for Christmas and one of them I got was rotted so less avocados for us.

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  2. I’m so curious what your traditions are, Paola 🙂 And I know putting tomatoes in a paper bag near heat hastens ripening. I wonder if heat would do it for avocados?

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    • I tried to put them all night with a banana but there was little or no change 🙂
      My oldest tradition is eating one raisin each time the bell strikes at midnight. It’s for good luck 🙂 (And now I don’t dare to stop doing it 😀 )


  3. I am a master at avocados because i eat them every day. I always buy them green and ripen them at home. I have read that you can quickly ripen by putting in aluminum foil and put in oven. Not sure what temp but just google how to ripen and you. Will see many threads on how to.
    Good luck with. Sushi and Happy New Year!

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  4. god paola you crack me up. harder than a boyfriends dick, oh man you are hilarious girl friend! I love your sense of humour! shamazing! xxx

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