Thursday. Why is it that people ask for advice?
Sometimes friends come with a problem and expect a magical solution from us.
It’s really nice when we say the right words and our friend feels good right away and it’s even better when after following our advice, everything they were wishing for, happened exactly as they wanted to.

But what happens when we give the “wrong” advice?
Is there such a thing as “wrong” advice?

Imagine a friend says something like: “I’ve been dating this guy for over two years. Don’t you think it’s time for him to propose?”
How do you answer to that?
For example, you can tell her something like: “Yes, probably it’s time for him to make a move or for you to move on”.
And then your friend adds some more details like: “He really loves me but he’s scared because he thinks that things could end up like the past 3 times”.
Wait a minute… The guy was married 3 times before?!?

So then you remember what you just said to your friend but can’t help thinking about the guy too.
What if the guy is really terrified to f#$k things up? What if she pushes him and he can’t stand the pressure and leaves her?
And the best part, what if she gets mad at you because he leaves her?

Some situations are delicate and some people really expect you to have the “right” answer to their questions.
Also, sometimes they forget that we are all different and have different opinions and what may work for some, doesn’t work for others.

Giving advice can suck.

~ by DotedOn on January 5, 2017.

10 Responses to “862”

  1. Yes, I’m always really hesitant but it’s always a good idea to make tons of disclaimers, ha, ha! Ultimately they will follow their own hearts.

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  2. I rarely give advice, and only try and pacify the person with listening and just making sure they are okay. Giving advice to someone without knowing both sides is not smart, and not our business. As friends we can only listen and reassure them. When someone asks for advice about clothing, or career move or anything, I always say, “listen to your gutt,” it is always right!!!

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  3. I don’t have trouble giving advice or my opinion on things I feel confident about, but it is always up to the person asking for that advice to know that it is ultimately what THEY are comfortable with. Opinions and advice are not directives and should never be considered as such.

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  4. Giving advice can suck, that’s so true. I only like to do it when I have a good idea of the outcome or what it will be! xxx

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