Saturday. Last night it snowed and this morning I didn’t enjoy the surprise. I’m glad that my kids are with my ex. I hope they could build the annual snowman so they don’t miss that feeling because I’m sure I don’t miss cleaning the snow mess when they get back in the house.
Now I hope that it warms up a bit and tomorrow when I get up, is all gone.
School starts on Monday and I’m already counting the days to the next holiday that it’ll be somewhere around Easter.

Today we went to pick my passport. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know how much snow or ice was on the road.
Luckily, it wasn’t so bad.




Now it’s time for some homemade Glรผhwein (German mulled wine)


It tastes good!

~ by DotedOn on January 7, 2017.

8 Responses to “864”

  1. Sounds good on a cold day!

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  2. I’ve never had mulled wine, but that looks good. Is it sweet?

    And so far we only had a couple of dustings (no more than an inch) of snow in my neck of NJ, but today we are having our first real snow. It’s actually been snowing all day, steadily, but it’s not super deep. This is the first time we’re hiring someone to come plow ’cause the past 2 years, the shoveling was really exacerbating my carpal tunnel/hand/wrist/arm problems and this year I actually have tendonitis and can’t do it. It feels VERY weird not being out there shoveling and blowing snow!

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  3. After leaving NJ in 2014 after living through year after year of blizzards makes me appreciate the little dusting that we got in Atlanta. The roads were fine for me but the Georgia governor called a state of emergency and everyone stayed home. I’ll take a dusting over mounds of snow anytime.
    Enjoy your wine and stay warm.

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  4. no snow here boo hoo. mulled wine, so good! wish I had some right now! xxxx

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