Monday. I’m still mad at the changes in WordPress. And I don’t know what’s wrong now but when I try to answer the comments, they disappear. Luckily there is the UNDO option so I can get them back but it’s really annoying.
And I was missing the search terms too until Donna (thank you again!), gave me a link where I could find the search terms but not the map with the countries and I really love to see the flags.
So now I have to choose what I want to see or leave both pages open on my browser and have it all.

These are the last search terms that I found a while ago and luckily took a screenshot because now I can’t find them anymore.


The ass pressing/groping on the bus is still very popular and now it expanded a bit and people come to this blog to look for some groping on the street. I find it very sad.

Then there is a very strange search term: “sacssesfully (successfully maybe) wasted 354 days of 2016 10 more days to go means in hindi”. If that person search those kind of things every day, no wonder they wasted almost the entire year.

And the last search term made my eyes open quite big: “toilet cakes rats”. ?!??eh? Why here? I don’t get it. But I may adopt the “toilet cake” part because it sounds nicer than turd.

~ by DotedOn on January 9, 2017.

15 Responses to “866”

  1. Some of those searches are just… weird! :/

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  2. It’s very frustrating. Your comments are probably landing in spam. That happened to me and I had to email askimet.com and they fixed in in a few days. I notice now I am getting a super big amount of Spam. Grrr. πŸ™‚

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  3. Paola, I’m thinking you know how to use that aspect of WordPress better than I do ’cause I’m not familiar with the search words or map, though I wish I was! lol And what odd search terms. This is a sorry world we live in, for sure. I looked again and couldn’t find a map :-\

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  4. Sounds good to me.

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  5. some people are plane abnormal and weird! what awful search terms! xox

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