Wednesday. Not many times it happened that I was glad to hear the freaking alarm clock as I was today.
I had a couple of dreams that were so vivid and disturbing that I don’t even dare to look for the meaning.
I was very confused and I had to ask if some of the things I dreamed about had happened or not.
Then in another dream instead of having a nephew, I had a niece but she had some body parts that only boys have and was even “very blessed”.
The disturbing part of that dream was that my sister in law asked my mom to babysit the little girl but didn’t put much clothes on, only a t-shirt, and we couldn’t believe how that could be possible because she’s kind of anal about almost everything, specially neatness. I believe that if it weren’t for my brother, she would make my poor nephew wear sailor costumes or bow ties.

OMG, I hope she never finds this one.


So in most parts of the dream my mother, my sister and I were talking about my sister in law losing her mind.
I don’t remember if I ever wrote about it, but she overstimulates my nephew. The boy is 5 now and if you compare him with my youngest son, he’s Einstein. But he can’t go on a slide because my sister in law overprotects him and does everything for him, so, no climbing.
I’m the opposite in that area. I let my kids explore so they learn to be careful.
I think: “how many times can they fall?” I believe that only once because after that, they learned the lesson.

So far, it’s working.
And I hope they never get too curious and try some of the stupid shit you see young kids doing, like hanging from balconies or attaching skateboards to trucks.

~ by DotedOn on January 11, 2017.

11 Responses to “868”

  1. Dreams have such vague interpretations, not sure if they really mean anything…

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  2. I can understand your not wanting to interpret your dreams. Sometimes they are so blatant the meaning smacks you upside the head. Others, I am not so sure about. I do think dreams mean something; I think it is your unconscious mind trying to make sense of something the conscious mind misses.

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  3. I hate weird dreams, but most of the time, as soon as I open my eyes, they’re gone. Occasionally they linger well upon waking and make it difficult to smile!

    And, unfortunately, unless a child has an actual fear of something, the teenage years prove to be precarious :-\ Generally, the frontal lobe (I think that’s what it’s called) develops later in boys. This is the part of the brain where consequences are reasoned out, so until that area is developed, teenagers are more likely to do foolish things. Fear is the one thing that MAY keep them from doing harmful things, so hope and pray for a bit of fear 🙂

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  4. My question to those dreams is… what did you have for dinner, girl????

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  5. Your kids are so lucky to have such a good mom, letting them explore is really good. overprotecting is not so good. xxx

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