Thursday. There are some things that really irritate me. Like low waist pants (on me). They look nice but they are freaking uncomfortable. You bend over and if you are not wearing an undershirt, everyone can see the crack of your ass.


I bought a pair of jeans that are not low waist but still, I’m the entire day pulling up the back of them because they keep going down. And every time I sit down, I can feel my low back getting cold because the pants go down and my shirt doesn’t stretch so much.

It’s incredible how that little thing is making my day intolerable. And I refuse to change because I’m stubborn and hardheaded and I just don’t like that a stupid pair of jeans wins the battle.
So I may end up with a shirt that could be used a dress.
Ugh. I think I need a brain transplant.

~ by DotedOn on January 12, 2017.

10 Responses to “869”

  1. Same here, I dislike low rise jeans. I don’t like high waisted either and usually search for middle of the road. No muffin tops, or ass crack needed.
    Ha, Ha!!

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  2. I sometimes end up with the same problem. I’m a bit of a fashion victim so I’m used to those kind of things, but the older I get, the more it seems to bother me.

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  3. You know, you say “bed over” but the photo isn’t of a girl bending over. I’m just saying… 😀

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  4. I can remember a couple of things I only wore once, back when I was in high school, like mini skirts that made it impossible to be comfortable to move or sit. Things like that. And the lowcut jeans aren’t really all that flattering to me, I have to tell you.

    And it’s not that you “lose” and the jeans win if you take them off. What you’re really losing by NOT taking them off is a whole day of comfort!

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  5. nothing worse than jeans like that kind! I hope you and said jeans aren’t doing battle for too long 🙂 lol xoxo

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