Friday. Some of our papers need to be authenticated and to do that, we need to go to the consulate.
This time, we needed to go to Frankfurt. We live about 4 hours away from Frankfurt and it rained all the way to get here.

If everything goes smoothly and we have some time, we’ll see a bit of the city. I hope the weather conditions allow it. It should snow for a while and then it should fall some more rain.

On the way, we passed a couple of castles and I took some pictures but you can’t really see them. This one below is the castle of Montabaur


That’s how it looks if you get close. I searched for those pictures.



And this castle below, I have no idea which one it is but the signs indicated the city of Limburg. It’s the little thing on the left.


So this one below may or may not be the right Limburg castle.


And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE! I picked this song because I always liked it and because of the meaning of the title.
“The Sun of Mine” or as Wikipedia.org says: My Sunshine. The old Neapolitan song was written by Eduardo di Capua and Giovanni Capurro.
I chose this version by “Il Volo” because I liked it.

Enjoy “O Sole Mio”,

~ by DotedOn on January 13, 2017.

5 Responses to “870”

  1. Paola, I know you live there so it’s different for you, but OH, the thought of seeing these wonderful things in Europe is SO appealing 🙂 I hope you got to enjoy some of Frankfurt!

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  2. Nice!

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  3. I hope you had an enjoyable trip, despite the weather, and the song was really nice. xoxo

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