Tuesday. This morning, after over two years of waiting, I could see a falcon chasing a pigeon and catching it in my backyard. I couldn’t see what happened next because the falcon took it behind the bushes. I expect to find hundred of feathers spread all around.
I didn’t go to check because it’s freaking cold here. A few degrees below freezing point.

I took a picture of the falcon but you can’t see much of it because the ground is full of dry leaves and the bird is brown. But I promise it’s there. Just between the bushes and the left branch of the tree.


I hope next time I can take better pictures.
Mostly dead animals freak me out and I can’t sleep when I see one but this is nature and nature fascinates me. I want to see the chase and the catch, the… I have no idea how to call the part that comes next.

This afternoon, I couldn’t believe when my daughter got back from school with the robot in one piece.
I forgot which name she picked for it. Here it is:



~ by DotedOn on January 17, 2017.

7 Responses to “874”

  1. Very cute robot. The dead birds…not so much!

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  2. That is an adorable, colorful robot and I’d love to hear its name 🙂

    And nature fascinates me, too, but I definitely don’t like seeing things being killed and eaten that way :-\

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  3. yes nature is fascinating but I’d be freaked out by dead animals too. xxx

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  4. Robino 😀 😀 😀

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