I feel terrible for being so behind answering comments and reading blogs. I need to catch up but I don’t know when. There is always something to do. I started knitting a scarf the first week of December. The winter will end before I get to finish it.
And that reminded me of my mother whom, every time I talk about an unfinished project, she says: “Like the sweater I started knitting when I was expecting you”. That was over 45 years ago. And she can’t remember what she did with that sweater after failing to finish it 2 years later when she got pregnant with my sister.
Now I’m curious about the color of that sweater. I’ll ask her next time I talk to her.

I still have several pictures of the trip to Frankfurt.
Another of the churches we visited, was the Deutschordenskirche (Church of the Teutonic Order).
It’s a Catholic church that also used to be a hospital.


Almost all the pictures below I “borrowed” them from tripadvisor.com because after we got in, we were not sure if we could take pictures or not. There was a man sitting in front of a desk on the left aisle with a sign saying something that I didn’t understand.

The left part of the building is the Icon’s Museum.


The church is mostly Gothic with a Baroque faรงade.





This one below is the only picture I took.


~ by DotedOn on January 18, 2017.

6 Responses to “875”

  1. Must be the pregnancy hormones, ha, ha.

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  2. It’s so funny—my mother has said for years—and still has—a sweater she was knitting for my father probably 50 years ago that never got finished. It’s turquoise and has a velvet-like collar. It was nearly finished, too. She’ll never finish it ’cause her hands got so arthritic and my father got quite the belly!

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  3. I hope you finish your scarf some time. I started one recently too but didn’t finish it either. Need to get back to it some time. xxx

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