Thursday. It’s cold here and there is still snow everywhere. I thought it wasn’t going to last but against all odds, it didn’t rain yet and according to the weather forecast, it won’t rain the next 10 days and it’ll stay below the freezing point.
That means that the ice will stay on all the small streets (like the one I live) and I won’t use my bike because I don’t want to fall but I’ll keep eating because that’s what I do.
Having a car is not always a blessing. You get lazy (at least, I do).

I hate to admit it but I’d love to have some rain now so the ugly snow goes away (and hopefully, never comes back). But everything looks SO PRETTY!
Never mind, I took some pictures so I’m sure I won’t miss it.

What’s on the trees is not snow, it’s frost. Tuesday evening it was very foggy and during the night it froze and yesterday morning we found everything looking amazing. I regret not taking pictures of the fence next door, the frost looked like spikes on the wires.

I took most of the pictures from the car, except the first one and the last one.











~ by DotedOn on January 19, 2017.

9 Responses to “876”

  1. It certainly is pretty, even though it’s a hassle to shovel!

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  2. amazing photos

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  3. I love the way snow looks—until the cars and trucks make it brown and disgusting on the sides of the road. That I REALLY hate! Love these pictures and the frost on the trees looks amazing 🙂

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  4. hopefully the snow is gone now! we didn’t get much I wish we had! I love snow! xx

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