Thursday. A couple of days ago I was saying that I rarely get spam on this blog. I guess I spoke too soon. A while ago I was answering some comments and again a comment disappeared in front of my eyes. I’m not sure which combination of keys make the comments disappear but this time I couldn’t undo my action so I had to go to the comments folder and recover it from there.
And then I saw a lot of spam, all new from this week.

Among the crazy messages, there were these ones:

“Sofia had actuɑlⅼy remained in the chair
gіven that 11:30 p.m. Saturday, ѡhen family members came
back to its own tɦreе bedroom propertу on Plumleigh MethoԀ after doing laundrʏ washing,
cops stated. parents had their much older little girl, which
trаnsformed 2 in May, and also the waxhing out of terminal wаgon, however each preѕumed other was
bringing Ѕofia inside, ⲣolice claimed.”


Thᥱ Dreambaby Wooden ExpandaƄle Gateway is actually the ideal answer for
a house along with dogs and also rascalⅼy babʏ.


I really don’t understand why people leave these kind of messages. I get those that try to sell you something, but words put together like that and left as a comment on random blogs makes me think about how bored a person can be.
What kind of life they have? How old are they?

Is this comparable to those prank phone calls we made when we were younger?


~ by DotedOn on February 2, 2017.

4 Responses to “890”

  1. Weird!


  2. Paola, they are robots, not people. they crawl the web, not sure why they leave comments on certain blogs. its weird if you ask me. xxx

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  3. All I know is they’re WEIRD! lol

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