Sunday. The temperature is going down again and it’s going to freeze this week. I really hoped that the ugly winter was gone but some more cold days are ahead of us.

I’m glad I could sand the cabinets when the weather wasn’t too bad. Some things I can’t do while wearing gloves because I like to feel if what I’m doing is right.

Today we started painting. We could do one layer in the backyard and then we had to put everything inside to dry.
I remember I did five layers when I painted the other cabinets. It took me forever because I used a brush.
This time I’m painting with a small roll and it goes much faster. Maybe in the morning I can add another layer and if it dries, I could even try to paint one more layer in the afternoon.
I really hope so.
I’m tired of taking all the mugs out when I want one that’s not easy to reach.

That’s more or less how my mugs look like now. Imagine that 3 more of the big ones were dirty.


And those below are my kids’ mugs. Add five more that were dirty.


I don’t keep my mugs and theirs together because I know that if one of them breaks, for sure it’s one of mine and not theirs. Like when I take the clothes out of the washing machine to put them in the dryer, only my underwear falls on the floor.

The little cabinets looked more or less like this when we found them:


And now they look like this:


We plan to hang them upside down with the doors and two little shelf.

I hope it stays dry for the next four or five days so we can finish painting and hang them next weekend.


~ by DotedOn on February 5, 2017.

4 Responses to “893”

  1. keeping everything crossed for good weather! You deserve that and I am sure they look great! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results, Paola 😀

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