Tuesday. It’s snowing. You should see my face now. The only thing that made me smile was my youngest son being super happy because he wants to build a snowman… with me.

No job news yet and I hate it. Waiting is awful.
And I couldn’t paint. I hope I can do it tomorrow, even if I’ll have to do it inside.
According to the weather app, it’s going to freeze the next days.
I know, it’s only February and it’s suppose to be cold, but I love exceptions in winter.

I’m also freaking out because my birthday will be soon. Ugh. I better start thinking what kind of cake I want. I already thought of a present.


~ by DotedOn on February 7, 2017.

9 Responses to “895”

  1. Chocolate…chocolate…chocolate…chocolate….chocolate….

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  2. whats the present? its cold here too but no snow. no ice either. i am glad spring is almost here. xxx

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  3. Paola, you used oil-based paint? I can’t imagine why else it would’ve taken so long to dry :-\ And I bet I can guess what present you want. Well, at least one of them 😉

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  4. Advance happy birthday Paola. Chocolates especially kisses.

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