Saturday. I still have my ex’s car and the little sucker is starting to give a lot of problem.
Yesterday we found that the radiator hose was leaking. Finding the piece took half the afternoon and many phone calls.
Let me tell you, finding spare parts in this area is NOT EASY. And what makes things even more difficult is that the car is model 1994 and apparently, not very popular.
After a while, we found a store in Holland that said they could order it and have it today for us to pick up.
So this morning we went to pick the piece with the provisory hose fix praying that it would hold all the way there and back until we could change it. And when I say we, I mean, I hold the flash light so my nice boyfriend can do it.

I have not much knowledge of mechanics. Who am I kidding? When I was 23 I went out with my sister and friends and my car was warming up a lot and I decided that it needed water in the radiator… We stopped at a gas station and after looking at every piece in the engine and not finding any place to add water, we asked some guys there if they could help us.
One of them said: “It should be here, this is the only possible place”.
And that’s how I put several liters of water in the oil compartment.
I couldn’t believe the thing never got full… I still wonder where the f#$k all that water went.
Anyway, after about 3 full minutes of pouring water, I suspected that that could be the oil tank. So I said: “We better go home, this doesn’t look good”.
So I first took my friends to their places and then we went home with my sister.
I think it was about 5.30-6am when we got home and I didn’t want to wake my dad and tell him what had happened so I wrote a note saying something like:
“The car got VERY hot and we may have put water in the wrong hole”.
So my sweet dad took the car to the mechanic and a couple of hours later when we woke up he said: “The mechanic said he had never seen something like this before. First, he couldn’t believe how the car got you home. And second, the oil looked like mayonnaise”.
What I couldn’t believe was why my dad wasn’t mad at us. He only said: “That model of Citroen’s (the car brand), is air cooled but I guess you didn’t know that”.
No, we didn’t know that. Now we know.

That was by far my favorite car. It didn’t matter what I did to it, he never failed me. I called him my “Citronito”. I miss it.

It looked like the one below:



~ by DotedOn on February 11, 2017.

6 Responses to “899”

  1. I’m with you in the lack of knowledge department. I would just never have tried to put anything inside ! Lucky it held up!

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  2. What a cute car! πŸ™‚ I miss my 1990 Toyota Camry, too. I love my 1999 one, but there was something about the older one. Anyway, I always wanted to learn mechanics, but never got around to it. Now I couldn’t even if I wanted to ’cause I can’t handle any of the chemicals. Oh, well! I hope you guys were able to fix the car today πŸ™‚

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  3. what an adventure! You do have the best ones paola. xxx

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