Wednesday. I’m not sure if I ever wrote about how much I hate helping my daughter with her homework.
I’d say is among the top 5 things that I dislike the most. I think I rather wash dishes or tidy the closet… Not true, but almost.
I had to endure the torture for 1.5 years because I didn’t know that if she stayed at school for an extra hour, she could do the homework there with the help of someone who for sure understands the language and has the skills of not losing it when one kid doesn’t pay attention or thinks that they know it all or reads SO bad and slow that not only makes your eye twitch and your heart beat faster but also kind of makes you develop the wish you could strangle/shake/hit someone.

That’s how I felt every day when I had to help my daughter with her homework.
I must admit that she reads much better now. She had develop some speed and also she doesn’t guess the words or adds extra letter sounds to each word she reads.
What’s still missing is the comprehension of the text. I think that it’ll come as soon as she reads a bit better.

Since November last year, the teacher asked her to read out loud every day for 10 minutes and have someone helping/correcting her and also sign a paper saying that she in fact read for 10 minutes.
So mostly I was the one reading with her every day except a couple of weeks in December when my ex’s parents were visiting and they decided to help with it.

Yesterday when she was about to read, my ex arrived to pick the kids and he said he was in a hurry so he was going to read with my daughter.
When my daughter heard that, she lost it and started to cry in a way that you’d think she was going to be killed soon.
Then she started to beg me not to let her go with her father because she didn’t want to read with him because he yells at her saying something like: “YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU READ!”.

Let me tell you, it was impossible to understand anything she read in the beginning and that made me crazy too but she made a point saying: “I don’t know what half of the words mean, I’m not German.”
But apparently her father and his family didn’t give a crap about the poor girl not understanding and only got mad at how bad she read and how little she understood.
I got mad too, every single time. I dreaded reading time. Those 10 minutes were a test and I’m not sure I ever passed it.

So yesterday I didn’t know how to convince my daughter to read for her father because she was crying non-stop. And in the other end I had my ex saying that it was all my fault because I made her be against him. I tried to explain that she was traumatized with the experience when his parents where visiting.

As you can see, there was no way to win, both of them were mad at me. I said to my daughter that she had no choice but to read a bit with her dad and that was really good because she should show him how much she had improved. It didn’t help at all and she kept yelling and crying.
Then I broke and I started to cry and my ex understood that all the situation was unfair to me.

Today I said to my daughter: “Your father will be here in 20 minutes, do you want to read now?”
She replied: “YES! I don’t want to read with him. He’s a pussy, just like you”
So I looked at her and was about to say something when she interrupted me and said: “Don’t look at me that way! You told me you were a pussy!”

She’s right. I did it. I said I was a pussy the day I got scared on the ferris wheel back in October.

That’s a screenshot of what I wrote then.


Freaking kids. They never miss or forget a thing.

~ by DotedOn on February 15, 2017.

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  1. Hahahaha, and she’s 7? lmao. xx

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  2. Don’t you hate it when your words come back to bite you?

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