Friday. I woke up this morning one hour before the alarm clock went off. I hate when that happens because it’s really hard for me to go back to sleep.
I have many things in my mind right now and that feeling is very uncomfortable.

As soon as my daughter got up, she came to my bedroom coughing. Crap. “I can’t let her go to school but I can’t tell her, otherwise my other kids would start coughing too”.

One minute later I heard my 3rd son coughing. Ugh.
Soon he came to my bedroom coughing and complaining that his chest hurt. Great. Two kids at home.
It’s not that they are really sick but I know that if I let them go to school, I was going to get a phone call from the school’s secretary probably half an hour later saying to go and pick my kids.

I already had planned to finish the kitchen cabinets because doing it when the kids are home is almost impossible. I was very disappointed but anyway, I decided to try to convince them to watch a movie so I could go ahead and work on the shelves and finish painting.

Ten minutes after I started my son came to me: “Mom, can I help you?” That’s always a trap. If I say yes, he loses interest. If I say no, he keeps asking.
The trick is to check how much interest they really have in helping.
So I said: “I’m almost done with the shelves and soon I have to start painting”
“Can I paint? Can I paint?”
“Hmmmmm… It’s not an easy task. You have to be very careful and go very slowly or you mess up”.
“I don’t know… You are all dress up nicely and you’ll get all dirty”
“I can change!”
“Pffff… Are you sure you can do it?”
“Hmmmm… Ok. Let’s find an old t-shirt”
BINGO!! I don’t enjoy painting anymore and I was really dreading to do the inside of the cabinets and the little parts that I missed.

I gave him an old t-shirt and some water-based paint. He was happy and I was ecstatic.
While he was painting, I had some time to catch up with laundry… That’s a lie. I’ll never catch up unless we all become nudists.

And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE! While I was lying in bed trying to sleep some more, I was thinking how amazing it would be if just like magic all the problems that we have, could be solved. And this Italian song was playing in my head over and over.

It’s about how nice it would be if a good song could help solve different problems.
I just paid close attention to the lyrics and I love it!

Enjoy Eros Ramazzotti

(written by P. Cassano, A. Cogliati & E. Ramazzotti)

If a song was enough
If a good song was enough
to make it rain love
we could sing it a million
a million times
if it was enough
if it was enough
we wouldn’t need much to learn to love more

If a true song was enough
to convince other people
we could sing it louder
since they’re many people
if that was the case, if that was the case
we wouldn’t have to fight to be heard more

If a good song was enough
to make people help each other
we could find it in our hearts
without going too far
if it was enough, if it was enough
there wouldn’t be any need to beg

Dedicated to all those who
are going off the rails
dedicated to all those who
haven’t had anything yet
and who have always been left out
dedicated to all those who
are waiting
dedicated to all those who
remain dreamers
and for that are getting lonelier and lonelier

If a great song was enough
to talk about peace
we could call it by name
adding a voice to it
and another one and another one
until it turns into one color more vivid than ever

Dedicated to all those who
are going off the rails
dedicated to all those who
have tried to invent
a song to change things

Dedicated to all those who
are waiting
dedicated to all those who…



~ by DotedOn on February 17, 2017.

4 Responses to “905”

  1. You totally Tom Sawyer’d them. That’s awesome.

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  2. awe, how sweet he got to help you paint the cabinets. Thats awesome! ❤ xoxo

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