Sunday. Tomorrow is my 45th birthday. I feel like if I had finish high school last year and I was 23 years old last week.
Some memories seem really far away and others are like they just happened. That’s weird.
A couple of days ago we were about to watch a movie with my kids. One of them asked: “From when is this movie?”
I replied: “It’s pretty new. From 2005”
“That’s f#$king old! I was one year old and they weren’t even born” said my 2nd son.
In my head, a movie made in 1939 is f#$king old.
Then I remember that when I was younger, much, much younger, I used to think that people over 20 were old… And now those people over 20 could easily be my kids.

My grandmother became a grandmother at 45. I had my youngest son when I was 40.
I feel young but in my kids’ eyes, I’m old.

Some things are changing, but not everything. And many things are and always will be exactly the same.

-Kids still think that anyone over 20 is old.
-Teenagers still think that they know more than their parents.
-Parents still complain about how things were different in their time.

And I bet we all agree that kids now a days are all spoiled… But not many of us will agree that’s all our (their parents) fault.


~ by DotedOn on February 19, 2017.

16 Responses to “907”

  1. Have a wonderful birthday. 💐

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  2. This year I didn’t want to forget to send a birthday greeting so I sent several. LOL!
    I posted one on Facebook and WWF’s.
    Age is nothing but a number, and you are as young as you feel.
    Happy Early Birthday my friend!!!

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  3. Happy birthday! 🙂

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  4. Have a great day! 45 was wonderful for me hope it is for you! Happy Birthday 🎉

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  5. Paola, I love how you point out the different facets of life 🙂 And, whether looking forward or backward, kids always think it’s a LONG time ago, or OLD, because relatively speaking, if you haven’t been around that long, in comparison to their short lifespan, everything IS long ago or old lol

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  6. I am 61, and I am not sure where my name will appear on a slide rule. 🙂

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  7. Happy birthday! ❤ xxx

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  8. Happy brithday (mine is on Wednesday, I knew there was a reason I liked you :D)

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