Wednesday. Still nothing. I want to wake up tomorrow and hear good news. We should get answers from four different jobs in the next couple of days. I want it to be tomorrow.

Today I remembered that I didn’t post my beautiful cabinets yet.
They look like this:


I’m not sure if you remember how they looked when we found them:


I’m planning to put another wine rack on top. Just for the view.

While I was looking at the pictures above, I remembered how much I wanted a cabinet for that corner of the kitchen and how long it took me to find it, and it came to my mind that when I really, really want something, I get it or I make it happen.
Sometimes I may have to wait for a while, but in the end, I mostly get what I want. And if I don’t get what I want, then I try to make the best out of whatever I comes my way.

I wish I could tell myself the secret of surviving the wait. Something tells me it’s patience and I know I don’t have much of that anymore.

It’s very strange how patience works. For example my sister is very impatient but she can knit a sweater. There is no way in hell I have the patience to knit a sweater. I probably start it, knit a few rows and abandon the project. But I could go fishing and sit there staring at the water for hours while my sister gets crazy after 3 seconds.
So it seems that one is patient only with the things they like.
Ask me to stay the whole night waiting to see an eclipse and for sure I’ll be there. Ask me to go shopping one afternoon and… No, better don’t ask me, I’ll probably say yes because I hate saying no. And I know I’ll be hating every second of it.


~ by DotedOn on February 22, 2017.

10 Responses to “910”

  1. I like the cabinet transformation.Enjoy them!
    On the getting what want topic, I am all about that. Ask and ye shall receive.
    Everything you want is attainable. There is no time frame, it just happens at just the right time.
    Have faith……

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  2. She probably finds the knitting relaxing… and you the fishing. Hope you hear some good news. That’s got to be aggravating!

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    • Thank you, Marissa πŸ™‚
      He got an extension but no job yet. I hope that happens soon πŸ™‚
      For me, knitting a scarf is relaxing. All the other things stress me out πŸ™‚

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  3. ah yeah, patience, its funny how it goes and how it works. I hope its good news when it comes. xoxo

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  4. Paola, the cabinets look great! πŸ˜€ I haven’t been keeping up with much lately because other life has taken over, so I’m sort of catching up a bit. Hoping to hear something positive about your boyfriend getting a job!

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