Sunday. Today was a very lazy day. We barely left the couch. We spent almost the entire day watching series, movies and playing video games.
I’m allowed to do that only when my kids are not here. When they are here I have to set the example, which is very difficult so I keep telling them: “Don’t do like me when you are not here. It’s not healthy to spend the whole day eating junk food, watching TV and playing video games”.
“So why do you do it?”
“Hard to teach an old dog new tricks” Bullshit. It’s because I enjoy it.

I discovered that I can’t hide many things from them because they always find some kind of evidence. Like the smell of pop corn, packages of chips or chocolate paper wraps. So the only thing I can do is try to teach them to do better than I do. I know they will hate it as much as I hated when my parents told me: “Do what I say and not what I do”… Because it’s so unfair!
Well, I guess we parents have permission to use that card. And I know that one day our kids will believe us when we say that we are doing this or that for their own good, even if at the moment they think we are trying to ruin their lives.

Wisdom. One of the few thing that you can’t rush.

~ by DotedOn on February 26, 2017.

3 Responses to “914”

  1. Oh, Paola, that last line is SO true!

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  2. Everyone needs a chill out day from time to time! I’m sure your kids love when you tell them do as i say not as I do lol! xx

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