Wednesday. I’m a bit relieved because today my boyfriend got an extension so he doesn’t have to leave the country next Sunday. Still no news on any job and I believe we sent over 30 applications. Waiting is horrible but at least the pressure is gone for now.

It was 11.30am when we finished requesting the extension so we decided to go see what else was needed to transform the American driving license into a German one. The office where you do that is in the same building and they close at 12pm.

Last week a woman there gave us some information and told us to contact a driving school. We went to my former driving school and they told us that we needed to do an eye test, a first aid course, a picture and the translation of the driving license from English to German.
When we had everything we went to the driving school and they sent us back to the office where we went in the first place.

This time, we got another woman at the desk who had no idea of anything and was very disappointed because on the translation it said: Category A and A is only for motorcycles in Europe.
When something like that happens, I really don’t know how to act. You can’t correct the person because they could get pretty pissed off if you tell them they are not doing their job properly and you can’t let them assume anything because that could mean that you don’t get what you deserve and you end up needing more things that you actually do.
So I said: “Yes, category A in America is for all kind of vehicles”
And she said: “So it shouldn’t say A here”.
I didn’t know what to say next. I really didn’t know what she wanted. The translation of the driver’s license says EXACTLY what’s on the original license. Was she expecting the translator to write the European equivalent of it?
I guess that after a while of cursing between her lips, she realized that the paper was only a translation so she went to one of her colleagues to ask for help.
I think she was discussing with the colleague for about 10 minutes when the fire alarm went off and a man behind another desk on the same room starting shouting: “EVERYBODY OUT. OUT. OUT. OUT!”

My boyfriend said: “It’s almost noon, do you think they always do this to go early to lunch?”
“Should we leave?”
“No! We are not leaving until this asshole brings your passport back”

After about 2 more minutes the woman got back to her desk and totally ignoring the loud alarm on the background and us, decided to answer the ringing phone.
Meanwhile, the man was evacuating the room, with about 35 people in it. We were still sitting in front of the desk waiting for the woman to hang up and give us all the documents.
Finally she went back to her colleague, brought our papers and said something like: “Come back another day”

When we were leaving we saw a fire department car with the sirens on reaching the building. I have no idea what happened next because we left.

That was the first time I was forced to evacuate a building (I’m not counting the practices we did when I went to school).
I’m super glad I didn’t see flames or smoke or people having a nervous breakdown.
I’m not sure I can survive that again. May years ago I was the one having the nervous breakdown when a fireworks’ factory explode close to the place were I used to work.
The sound of sirens, the smoke, the tenseness in the air… I hate it.

~ by DotedOn on March 1, 2017.

6 Responses to “917”

  1. A forced evacuation can be scary :-\ I hope next time goes better ALL around! It’s so rare things go simply and smoothly, right?

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  2. glad he got an extension! great news! hope a job comes up soon! x

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  3. Wow! Sounds like bad karma to me! A lot to go through to get a drivers license!

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