Thursday. On yesterday’s post I wrote that my boyfriend got an extension and doesn’t have to leave the country. Now I need to clarify something. He got an extension on his visa and not an enlargement of any body part. I know that what I wrote could be confusing, as Donna pointed out and made me laugh for about 10 minutes.


In response to Donna’s comment I’d like to say: He got an extension of 3 inches… I mean, 3 months.

The weather here still sucks. Last night, the noise of the rain against the window woke me up. I know it’s too soon to be warm but I’ll be super happy if it stops raining.
We are planning on building a fire-pit/barbecue and we need a couple of hours without rain so we can move the stones without risking getting pneumonia.
My oldest son will be 16 in two weeks and he wants to celebrate his birthday with his friends and apparently the tradition when his friends are here is to make a fire and sit around it.
I hope we get some sun soon, I don’t care if I have to mow the lawn earlier. I promise I’ll do it with a smile.


~ by DotedOn on March 2, 2017.

4 Responses to “918”

  1. hehehe…you didn’t have to clarify 😉 I’m so glad to hear it’s another 3 months! A lot can happen in that time and hopefully it will be good 🙂

    Since I know NOthing about things with visas, if he gets a job there, does that somehow open the door for him to stay? Or is it that if he gets a job, he can work on being a citizen or whatever?

    And I hope your soon-to-be 16-year-old gets his nice day for a fire 🙂

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    • Every country is different and Germany and the U.S have agreements so he can stay if he gets a job. Getting a job is not easy when you don’t speak the language so it’s a bit of a struggle. Hopefully in 2 months his level of German can be considered basic so things will be easier. Anyway, I hope he finds something before that! 🙂
      And I hope that the weather is super nice for the party. The idea of 8 teenagers in the living room is not as nice as 8 teenagers in the backyard 😀


  2. lol on the boyfriend front. I’m glad he has more time though. Hope the barbecue pit turns out good. xxx

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