Wednesday. I have to remember not to make promises of cleaning, organizing or tidying up when I’m PMSing.
Organizing or tidying up is hideous on normal days and 300 times worse on these difficult days. But a promise is a promise. So I spent the entire afternoon cleaning, decluttering, tidying up and organizing the stupid laundry room. And that’s not all, my stupid mouth promised a lot more of that, all happening this week.
I’m not sure I’ll survive it. Or should I say, We?
Some things don’t have a place. In over 2.5 years that I live here, I never had the chance to take care of that stuff. I never chose to do it sounds more accurate. us I’m dreading the coming days.

I know that I’ll feel very happy when everything gets done but now, I’m hating the process. Really hating it.


~ by DotedOn on March 8, 2017.

2 Responses to “924”

  1. Go slow. Dont try to rush the process. Wishing you good luck. ❤ xxx

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