Monday. The other day I wanted to write about the incredible odyssey of turning the American driver’s license into a German one but I got caught up watching a documentary and didn’t do it.
So, here it goes the story. If you have an American driver’s license and you want to get a German one, two things can happen: 1) Your state has a full agreement with Germany and you get to exchange your license for a German one without much trouble.
2) Your state has only a partial agreement with Germany so in order to get your German license, you need to do only the written test. But there is a catch. Not all the classes of driver’s licenses allow that and it’s different for every state.

My boyfriend comes from Missouri and that’s one of the states with partial agreement, so we went to the office to start the process and we found out that the class he has, Class A, is not contemplated and the only way to get the German license was: 1) Show official proof that he also has Class F. 2) Take both, written and driving tests.

When I heard that, I got pretty pissed off and tried to explained to one of the women there that Class A means that he has all the other classes too.
“Ok, I need proof”
“What kind of proof?”
“Something saying that he has Class F”
“Ok, we find that and come back”
“And I also need the date of issue of current driver’s license”
“Where can I get that?”
“Not my problem”

I’m still amazed that I didn’t hit her face when I heard “not my problem”.

So we got home and started calling several places in Missouri to find out what we needed to do to prove that he had a driver’s license Class F. Also, where it was possible to find the date that the current driver’s license was issued because it wasn’t written on the it.
After a while we were told that we needed to fill in a form and request the driver’s records. So we did it and later we got an e-mail back saying:
“Your signature must be notarized on Form 4681 before we can process. Make sure the signature date and notary date are the same. Once complete you may resubmit your request to our office for processing.”

EH? We really didn’t know what to do. Next day we decided to find a notary and see if they could help us with that. Luckily he said it was not a problem so we got the signature notarized .Also, the nice man wrote a paragraph in English to be sure there wasn’t any problem.
We submitted the form again and the next day we got the records with all the information we needed.

This morning we went to the office again with all the documents. I said before we got in: “If the asshole asks for the documents in German, I may get out of control”
“Please don’t”
“It’s the 4th time we came here. First they said one thing, then the stupid fire alarm went off, then the bitch needed extra proof. Now we have everything and I swear that if she wants something more, I’ll lose it”.

We planned to check who was at the desk before going in. “Good, the bitch is not there. That’s another one”
The bitch wasn’t there because she was in the adjacent room and as soon as she saw us, she came to us.
We showed all the documents and I said: “Are we ready now?”
“Not yet. I need to check everything”
The two women were discussing and I think I had my fist ready to hit. At one point one of them said: “But the date is missing”
“No, it’s written here” said the other one.
Then the bitch looked up at us and said: “Ok, we can start the process now”.

Start the process means go to a driving school (again), study for the written test, pass the test and go back there.

Some things take so long and are so discouraging.


~ by DotedOn on March 13, 2017.

4 Responses to “929”

  1. wow thats such a pain so long to wait! Id be crazy by now. What a bitch she was! xxx

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  2. That’s bureaucracy!

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