Thursday. Yesterday I was talking with my 2nd son about the fountain in the backyard. He wanted to know how it worked and why we never used it.
I replied I had no idea how that thing worked.
This morning I woke up hating the fountain and decided that it had to go. “But why?”
“Because every time I have to mow the lawn, the stupid thing is in the middle. It looks awful if you don’t take care of the plants in it. The little wooden fence around is rotten and it needs replacement. We never use it. And I had enough of it”
“I want it gone today so we all have to work”

That’s how it looked this morning:

My kids asked me if they could play with boats in it so I answered:
“As soon as it’s empty”

So they started removing the rocks. Under the rocks there were bricks. Under the brick there was a kind of table. Under that table, more bricks and A LOT of water.
“Mom, can we play now?”
“No way! That water looks disgusting. You’ll need clean water or you may get sick”

“How deep is this thing? We are never going to finish!”
“Of course we’ll finish. We are almost there”
Holy crap, it took forever and after we emptied it, it was stuck. My kids had to dig all around and after that, we managed to take it from the ground.

That thing was freaking deep.

I was really happy they all helped.
“Mom, what time is it?”
“5.15pm. I’ll start cooking soon”
“But dad comes at 6pm”
“Why? you stay with me today”
“It’s the parents/teacher meeting at school. We have to go with him”
“And why I didn’t know about it? And you can’t go like that, you are completely dirty. You’ll have to shower first. But before you go, we have to remove all the bricks that a re delimiting the fountain. We have 15 minutes, so get your ass moving”.

I’m glad we could do that too.
That’s how it looks now.

I still have to level the ground. I’ll try to do it tomorrow. Today I’m sore.


~ by DotedOn on March 16, 2017.

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  1. omg 😛 paola when ya do things you dont do them by halves! hahahaha i imagine your sore i think i would be too! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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