Sunday. I never learned how to program a VCR or how to use the car radio. I think I couldn’t care less about those things. I remember that if I wanted to record something, I just waited until it was about to start and then pressed REC. And the radio in the car was used only if the person riding with me wanted to listen to it. I never have the radio on while I’m alone in the car because I tend to get “a bit” distracted.

Today I watched my boyfriend trying to figure out the car radio for over half an hour. We don’t have the instructions manual and he really wanted his music to sound good.
I never thought you could do so much with a car radio.
We also tried to store some radio stations. That took a while and we didn’t really like many of them.
I really dislike the radio voices and when people talk for five minutes after every song. I also don’t like the 30 minutes of advertising and most of all, I hate the news. You can see I’m not a radio person.

I could put a cd or mp3 player but I think that I’d get tired of listening the 20 songs I like over and over. Anyway, I think I’ll have a cd with my music for when I get tired of the music that everybody else wants to listen.

~ by DotedOn on March 19, 2017.

2 Responses to “635”

  1. thats a good idea. music is good. put your favourites on a cd and listen to hem. xx

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