Thursday. Coming Saturday is the birthday party of my son. For two weeks I’m asking him what he wants to do, how many kids are coming and at what time.
He said he wanted to have pizza and that he didn’t know exactly how many of his friends are coming. So I don’t know how many pizzas or drinks I have to get.

Today he asked if it was ok to invite them at 2pm.
“At 2pm?!? And then they sleepover?!?”
“If you don’t like the answer why are you asking?”
“Because I want to know so we have everything ready. But 2pm is TOO early”
“OK, what time then?”
“I don’t know! But not earlier than 6 or 7pm, please. And I still want to know how many friends are coming”
“OK, I’ll find out”

At what age they realize that things don’t get done by themselves and that there is always someone doing them? And that someone is mostly me.
He’s 16 and he looks at me like if were overreacting. Or worse, like if I were old. Can he not understand that the pizzas won’t cook by themselves and the drinks won’t appear on the table unless somebody goes to the store and get them?
Maybe I should give him some money and tell him to take care of everything. I believe that’s the only way he’ll learn.

I forgot to take pictures of my backyard but I can show you how my tomato plants are doing.

Beautiful, right?
I hope they keep growing and I really hope they give me some tomatoes soon.


~ by DotedOn on March 23, 2017.

6 Responses to “939”

  1. Give him money??! I don’t think so!

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  2. Good luck, little tomatoes.
    And good luck to you, surviving that party!

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  3. awe, yes! teenagers think everyone else will take care of things…I hope he has a nice party tonight. xx

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