Friday. Today it was another pretty day. I’d like to write “we” mowed the lawn but I actually didn’t do much, just hold the cable so it didn’t get stuck under the lawn mower.
When we were about to finish, a car stopped in front of our house and a mad woman started shouting at me in English. At first, I didn’t understand who she was and I couldn’t see her because I had the sun in my eyes. Soon I realized it was the mother of my 3rd son’s friend, Robbie.
Then she put the car in the driveway and said:
“So I have to come here to talk to you?”
She went on attacking me saying that she called me and I didn’t answer the phone. My cell phone is not working very well these past weeks. For some reason, I have no signal when I’m in the house. To use the cell phone, I have to go very close to a window.
“I called you many times. Also a few minutes ago and you didn’t answer the phone”
“My phone is not working well and I’m outside working on the lawn as you can see”
“So, is your son coming to my house to play with Robbie?”
I really dislike that woman. I wrote about her before. I don’t like her attitude and for sure I don’t like her shouting at me in my house.
I said: “We planned to eat early today. It’s ok if he goes until 3.30pm”
“No, I have thing to do now. I have to bring my daughter somewhere. Where is your son?”
I called my son and I said in English: “Please, don’t make plans with your friends without asking me”
So my son replied in Spanish, because he always speaks in Spanish with me: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know we had plans”
And then the asshole woman said: “Talk German or Dutch or English, not some language I can’t understand”
At that point, I’m not sure how I didn’t hit her. She was mad because I didn’t answer my phone. I admit I ignored her phone calls a couple of times a few weeks ago but today, I was innocent.

In the end, my son didn’t go to play because she had other things to do. One of them was being rude and mad at me.
Before she left I said: “I’m sorry, I don’t like when my kids make plans without asking me. Sometimes it’s not possible to please them. I don’t like disappointing them but I can’t split in four”
So she said: “You have too many kids”.
I looked at her puzzled, I couldn’t believe how she could say that. I cursed her in silence.

She managed to ruin my day.
Later I went to my third son. I was spitting fire: “You have a playdate with Robbie next Tuesday. That will be the last time you play with him. Don’t bother making plans with him again because the answer will be NO.
“Because his mother is rude and I don’t like her shouting at me in my house and she said I have too many kids and that’s something you can’t say. You can say you have many kids but not TOO many kids. That’s rude and unforgivable”

I’m mad at myself. I shouldn’t say to my kids that they can’t play with their friends. It’s insane. But I really don’t like that woman. She’s a bad example and I don’t want my son near her.

No song today. The bitch killed my good mood. And I’m blocking her number. And next time she comes here, she’ll discover she messed with the wrong woman.

~ by DotedOn on March 24, 2017.

4 Responses to “940”

  1. It’s hard not to let our feelings control what our children do. My children have lost many friends as a result of my big mouth!

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  2. Go you! go girl! What a horrible woman! I’m sorry she was such a bitch, you dont want your son associating with her family for sure! xxx

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