Sunday. I survived the party and I think the kids had a lot of fun. One of the boys brought fireworks and at one point he started throwing them in the fire pit while everyone was sitting around. I asked him to stop doing it.
A couple of minutes later, he did it again so I said: “Warning! If I get pissed off, the party is over”.
About one hour later, he did it again so I went to them and confiscated the fireworks.

A couple of hours after that when I was about to go to bed, I heard fireworks again so I opened the window that faces the backyard and said: “That better be the last one!”

In the morning I asked my son why they were throwing more fireworks and he said: “I have no idea he had those. It was like he pulled them from his balls”.
“That kid is dangerous. And you wouldn’t imagine that if you know his dad”
“You never met his dad?”
“Ok, you won’t understand then”

Then my son asked me if we could take one of the boys to his place.
While we were gone the other boys decided to go home too but the owner of the fireworks didn’t want to leave without the fireworks so they were searching all over the house for quite a while.
They couldn’t find them and they couldn’t reach me on the phone to ask me where they were so they left and said they were either coming back later or ask if my oldest son could bring them when we got home.
A bit later we got home, I looked for the fireworks and asked my son to bring them back to his dangerous friend.

When he got back he said: “I met his dad”
“He looks kind of peaceful and slow. Like if he had smoked a lot of weed”
“I didn’t mean he’s high. It’s just he looks so quiet and innocent… it’s hard to imagine that that boy came from him!”.

Last week that boy had the idea to ask one of the guys who’s 18 and lives in Holland if he could get some pot so they could bake some brownies. When my son told me, I replied:
“You want to bake ‘Space Brownies'”?
“‘Space Brownies’, that’s how they are called in Holland. The thing is, you can’t just use the weed to make them. It’s a bit more complicated”
“Yes, you need to make the ‘green butter’ first”
He looked at me like saying “Holy f#$k mom, why do you know all this?”
So I went on and explained that I had never smoked pot or eaten magic brownies but that didn’t mean I wasn’t informed about certain subjects.
“But if you want normal brownies, I can bake some for you”
“It’s fine”
Later that day I opened YouTube and found a video about the green butter and showed it to him: “See, it’s not that easy”

Now I’m not sure if it’s good he learns some things from me or not. “My mom told me…”

~ by DotedOn on March 26, 2017.

8 Responses to “942”

  1. Ha, ha! Not much our kids can do to shock us anymore!

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  2. oh man! he hopefully wont get into making pot brownies! xx

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