Tuesday. Last week, after the ugly woman came to my house and shouted at me because I didn’t answer my phone, we arranged a playdate for our kids for today.
I told her that my son got back from school at 2.30pm and as soon as he got here, I was going to bring him to her house.
When he got home I was working in the backyard so I left what I was doing and told him to get his bike because his friend was waiting for him.
One minute later he came to me and ask me if I could pump the tires before leaving.
“Of course, you can’t cycle like that”
So I pumped the tires and we left.
When we got to the bitch’s house, she came outside, put a hand on her waist and said: “Again, I called you twice”
“Just now”
“I told you that my phone doesn’t get any signal when I’m at home, I’m sorry”
“Well, I wanted to tell you that the kids can only play for one hour because Robbie has soccer practice”
“And I called and you didn’t answer”
“The phone never rang, I don’t know what to say”
“Now the kids cannot play long enough, you took too long to come here”
“My phone doesn’t work, I’m sorry. You said last week that Tuesday was a good day for a playdate. I told you that my son had school until 2.30pm, you said it wasn’t a problem. So here I am”
“And I called you a while ago to tell you that it was going to be a short playdate but you didn’t pick the phone”.
At that point I believe that you could see some fumes emerging from my nose. I said: “As soon as my son got home, I pumped the bike’s tires and we left”
“He left school more than half an hour ago. This is not going to work”
Then I had enough. “You know what? I don’t have to explain myself to you. I have enough problems and my pile of shit is pretty high. I don’t need any of your crap on top of it. If you don’t think it’s a good idea that the kids play together, fine with me”
“Ok, I’ll bring him back at 4pm”
“No, I’ll pick him up at 4pm. Thank you”

Then I left shaking. I got home and told my other kids what had happened and I said I was very nervous. “You know what? I don’t deserve anyone treating me that way”. And I went outside to work a bit in the backyard with the hope of calming down a bit.

At 4pm I went to pick my son and I asked him: “Did you thank the mother for letting you play here?”
“No, I’ll do it now”
So he went to thank her and then she went out and said bye to me with a smile.
I replied bye without any smile. And if you could read my mind, you would have read: “rot in hell, bitch”.

On the way home, I asked my son: “Was I wrong?”
“Ok, I feel awful anyway”

~ by DotedOn on March 28, 2017.

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  1. so sorory to hear she treated you like that paola. what a bitch! No need for such rudeness! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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