Thursday. The weather today was incredibly warm for the time of the year. I could have worn short sleeves.
Tomorrow it’s supposed to be even warmer and sunnier.
We decided to work a bit in the garden and plant a few more seeds. It was the time to plant peas, cabbage and pumpkin.
Last week we planted lettuce, radish and leek and the only things showing up are the radishes.

I took a picture

The tomato plants are looking good and that makes me really happy

If all goes well, we’ll have a lot of different vegetables. We’ll have to wait until the end of April or May to plant the cucumbers, green beans, zucchinis and corn.

I’m curious to know how much work it’ll be to take care of those plants. And if some plants don’t grow I’ll wonder if the seeds weren’t good, if the birds ate them or if we did something wrong.
The other times that I planted things I blamed the weather. Theere wasn’t enough sun.
This time, we took care of getting only the things we know that have a better chance to grow. And the tomatoes that are a bit difficult to grow without sun but maybe we get lucky.

I discovered that I have a daffodil in my backyard. Only one and I never saw it before. I took a picture just in case it doesn’t bloom again.

We are looking for a solution to remove the moss because it spread all over the yard and now it’s all brown because it’s not raining for several days. I’m not really complaining but I hate how it looks. I loved it while it was green because it meant less mowing. But brown looks very ugly.

~ by DotedOn on March 30, 2017.

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  1. ah your gonna have so much veggies to eat! I hope they all grow and turn out good! xxoo

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